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Everyone is all excited about this-or-that Age of Conans and Warhammer Beta Bla Di Bla games that are coming out and stuff.

Me, I'm more intrigued by this "On The Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness" offering.

Four Gods wait on the windowsill,
Where eight Gods once did war and will,
And if the Gods themselves may die,
What does that say for you and I?

Bullet points while I'm here:

  • Saw Iron Man; it was good
  • Had a wisdom tooth extracted; am reasonably certain pliers were involved
  • [ profile] batelf got older; there was much rejoicing
  • Read The Pearls That Were His Eyes; it was quite entertaining but hard to rate objectively, being as how I have some passing familiarity with the source materials.

More in-depth reviews may be forthcoming, or not.
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This morning on Radio 4 (at 08:10, apparently) there was an interview with the man who heckled somebody in some speech last week. I forget who. Anyway, the point is he kept talking about how Britain, as all right-thinking countries, should live under Sharia law.

Every single time he said it I thought he was saying "Sha'ir". That made for a very surreal interview.
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Just a quick one. Fun fun weekend.

Friday I was ill enough to be off work, and took the opportunity to travel down earlier than planned to Cambridge to hang out with [ profile] vervain_. After a fun evening we headed down to Colchester for fun and games with everybody there. Met loads of people from NWO, played D&D, got savaged by the world's cutest devil dog, watched Doctor Who (so cool), watched Pirates of the Caribbean (also cool), spent what felt like about 27 hours driving. [ profile] vervain_ loves me for my car.

Somehow I thought it would be a good idea to leave a bag full of stuff at [ profile] vervain_'s house, so I'm currently without PDA charger. Boo.
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Finally got hold of a picture of me as Hammad! Thanks to the lovely [ profile] lupercal and his bananallery gallery.

Yeah, not ... bad I suppose. Not exactly elderly and distinguished, nor particularly arabic, but he did spend a lot of time indoors, and I suppose he must have a very good longevity potion.

If anyone else has pictures of me in any condition whatsoever, do point them out to me as I am a narcissistic whore.

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Couple of shots snapped over the weekend, which got forgotten until now what with one thing and another.

One of these is of special interest, perhaps, to NWO players.

A very wise man )

NWO query

May. 15th, 2006 08:12 pm
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On a note entirely unrelated to my previous post, I have been wondering this about NWO: Was there at any point in the system a single offensive[1] Imaginem spell? It's just that I went through two events as hammad with an Iron Parma vs Imaginem and couldn't for the life of me think of a good reason.

[1] 'Offensive' is a word that is here used to mean cast on another with undesirable results, ie, which one would choose to resist with one's Parma Magica.
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The shop is currently nonfunctional; attempting to proceed to checkout leads to an error. This appears to be an internal thing rather than a problem with my personal shop, since the same thing happens when I go through the internal no-frills checkout system. Have contacted them regarding this.

I have left a sword at Ilam Hall. I would have rang last night but there was no mobile phone reception at the hall whatsoever ... I've just rung the hall and they tell me the room was devoid of all items, so presumably somebody has picked it up. If whoever it is could let me know they've got hold of it, I'd be much obliged.

I was sorely tempted to stay on the extra day with all the frothbeasts, dissecting and revealing every hilarious blunder and intricate scheme from the five events of the Lion And Serpent Sequence, but I did not book today off work and I am basically too honest to call in sick when I am not. Amusingly, I have come down with a bit of a cold and could probably convincingly have made that call. In fact I did consider staying in bed this morning. So ... yeah.

Note to self: Project manager's belly is not for poking, no matter how tempting.
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Am back from NWO. Many people are still there, regailing one another with tales of the game from over the last n years. I, however, have work tomorrow. This makes me sad.

Is late, so brief notes.


That's all I can be bothered to say right now, because it's late. In summary, a good time was had by all; a fine last hurrah for the game. Bye bye now!
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In a fit of narcissism, I find myself wondering after certain pictures that were taken this Friday last.  If anyone has such (or indeed any other photos of myself that I have not seen), I'd appreciate copies.

In other news I'm currently mulling over whether to reprise my role as Hammad at the next NWO or let somebody else take up the reins (and play a different part myself).  Currently leaning towards yes, but as ever my opinions are guided by those around me, so I'd appreciate people's thoughts on the subject.  (Naturally thoughts of People Who Know will be valued more than those who have no idea.)

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