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The shop is currently nonfunctional; attempting to proceed to checkout leads to an error. This appears to be an internal thing rather than a problem with my personal shop, since the same thing happens when I go through the internal no-frills checkout system. Have contacted them regarding this.

I have left a sword at Ilam Hall. I would have rang last night but there was no mobile phone reception at the hall whatsoever ... I've just rung the hall and they tell me the room was devoid of all items, so presumably somebody has picked it up. If whoever it is could let me know they've got hold of it, I'd be much obliged.

I was sorely tempted to stay on the extra day with all the frothbeasts, dissecting and revealing every hilarious blunder and intricate scheme from the five events of the Lion And Serpent Sequence, but I did not book today off work and I am basically too honest to call in sick when I am not. Amusingly, I have come down with a bit of a cold and could probably convincingly have made that call. In fact I did consider staying in bed this morning. So ... yeah.

Note to self: Project manager's belly is not for poking, no matter how tempting.
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