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I have taken to using this whenever one of our websites needs a test file attachment or demo image.

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After two years of staring down, I have finally thought to check whether these monitors are extendable.

They are!

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I am slightly tired today; as I was about to go to bed I was struck with a sudden notion that I did not know the exact location of my car registration document, and it might be as well to lay my hands on them before the eleventh hour of Thursday, just to reassure myself. A cursory look in the places I was certain it would be was followed by a somewhat more urgent review of some spots that were less likely. Then I ransacked every box that is being used as storage since the move, at least twice, all the while occasionally checking and re-checking the original important-things-live-here spots, in case it had spontaneously come into being in the intervening time.

By this point I was fired with adrenaline and panic, such that I knew I would not be able to sleep until I had the offending article in hand. Several boxes were double-checked and previously-overlooked piles of drawings were more thoroughly sorted through in case paperwork had worked its way inside in a deliberate attempt to frustrate me.

I even went out and checked the car, half-hoping that I was stupid enough to leave the car ownership papers inside the car itself, and half-relieved when it turned out I was not. (I did, however, uncover the MOT and was entirely delighted to find a whole month left on it.)

To cut a long story short[1], eventually I turned to the top of my bedside cabinet (whose drawers had been checked several times), and moved a solitary piece of paper aside. Lo! There was the damn' thing, taunting me with its easy-accessibility.

Obviously, even then I couldn't get right to sleep, what with the panic. So, basically, I'm ever so slightly sleep deprived.

I am running my first session of Big Eyes, Small Mouth tonight.


[1] Too late
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For the last couple of weeks I've been concerned that the sight in my right eye was getting worse, on account of it being suddenly blurred and hard to focus. I was all set for a trip to the actual-type opticians. The last time my sight had gotten so much worse, so quickly, was many years ago when I put my contact lenses in the wrong eyes by mistake.

Then it ocurred to me that a couple of weekends ago I was larping, and whenever removing one's contact lenses in a tent while drunk there is always the teensiest possibility that one may get them mixed up[1]. It further occurred that upon awakening that weekend there was some initial confusion regarding contact lens storage, to wit, the lids were on a different way around from the case.[2]

Certain ideas began to form.

I have just switched eyes and, lo and behold!, the sight is fine again.

I document this purely to amuse the reader with my foolishness. See, I suffer to make you feel better! Like Jesus.

[1] Not so frequently as you may think; my lens removal routine is so practiced as to be reflexive, even on the drunkest of nights (you know the night I mean). In the dark I simply hold my eye directly over the case. Yes, a light is usually to hand if things go awry.
[2] This, on the other hand, is quite common. In the dark I tend to orient the case by touch and disregard the markings on the lid. On this occasion, however, it was a new case which is less easy to orient by touch, so uncertainty reigned.

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