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The shop is currently nonfunctional; attempting to proceed to checkout leads to an error. This appears to be an internal thing rather than a problem with my personal shop, since the same thing happens when I go through the internal no-frills checkout system. Have contacted them regarding this.

I have left a sword at Ilam Hall. I would have rang last night but there was no mobile phone reception at the hall whatsoever ... I've just rung the hall and they tell me the room was devoid of all items, so presumably somebody has picked it up. If whoever it is could let me know they've got hold of it, I'd be much obliged.

I was sorely tempted to stay on the extra day with all the frothbeasts, dissecting and revealing every hilarious blunder and intricate scheme from the five events of the Lion And Serpent Sequence, but I did not book today off work and I am basically too honest to call in sick when I am not. Amusingly, I have come down with a bit of a cold and could probably convincingly have made that call. In fact I did consider staying in bed this morning. So ... yeah.

Note to self: Project manager's belly is not for poking, no matter how tempting.
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The release of the theatrical versions of the original Star Wars trilogy on DVD have been noted elsewhere, so I will instead provide linkage to this commemorative T-shirt. Yes, Lucasarts are releasing an official "Han Shot First" shirt. Never let it be said that Lucas doesn't have an eye for the merchandising.

In other news: Maelstrom downtime is open! We have two weeks to submit downtimes! No time to dither! Crikey, what happened to sending out notifying emails?

I seem to recall a couple of people with things for me to do, drop a comment with email address and I'll get in touch. Comments screened, obviously.
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T-shirts arrived!  Am currently wearing my Jigglydrowh one.  It has come out quite well, it's a reasonable print and apparently can be machine washed (though not ironed on the print).  Pretty standard, really.  The print is a little off-centre but that could be me.  Symmetry is overrated anyway.

Am thinking about signing up for the affiliate program and selling T-shirts ... who fancies one?  And what would they fancy upon it?

EDIT: Unrelated - Having completed Dungeon Siege, I appear to have run out of games to play on my PC. (Well, I have a few - like the Temple of Elemental Evil - that I just can't face playing, and one or two - like Homeworld 2 - that rely on me finishing an earlier game, but those are generally not counted as "games to play".) Hoom.


Sep. 2nd, 2005 03:52 pm
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Ah!  Have found a UK-local version of CafePress - T-Shirt Me.  (They only do shirts ATM but that's what I was after.)

I have ordered a couple of T-shirts, will let you know what sort of quality they are when they arrive.  Shipping is high but not as extortionate as the CafePress' international shipping from the US...

I would try and link to the shirts I made so other people could buy them, but I don't think I can do that unless I join their Affiliate Program.  It appears to be free - and even worthwhile, with a 60% commission instead of the "whatever you mark your products up by" that CP offer - but I'm wary of such things.  If nothing else, I'll have given strange internet people my email address.

Well, I'll show you the thumbnails at least:
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