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I haven't had any reason to watch Twilight (or the sequel, Darkness Metaphor Something Something Later That Night) since the end of the trailer when I realised it was about vampires and not in fact superheroes.

However, having just stumbled upon The Catalog (from off of last year some time), I suddenly have the urge to download it and throw a Twilight Party. Purely because I'm pretty sure that list could be adapted to make a hella awesome drinking game.

Bella Is Clumsy or Makes a Reference to Her Clumsiness: 1 shot
Bella is Utterly Desolate at Edward's Absence: 1 shot
Edward's Kiss Makes Bella's Heart Literally Stop: Empty your glass

Just don't be the guy who decides to drink any time Edward is incandescent, scintillating or sculpted.

EDITED TO ADD: Well of course they exist already.
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Friday: Dinner chez [ profile] batelf (with [ profile] bacony, [ profile] the_prince, [ profile] kardrath and [ profile] wiserabbit in attendance - the house was LJ'd up to the max)

Saturday: Wedding ceilidh in Rainford, which was nice enough. The actual wedding was in Hawaii, apparently, but Mr and Mrs Buchan wanted to share the love with the rest of their friends and families.

Sunday: Lunch with [ profile] diegoliger (Ant), who is funny and geeky and cool and much prettier than I had been led to believe. Much fun was had by all.
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-This week's Special Schools have been completed and uploaded; there is naughtiness. And nippleage.
-[ profile] stsquad has finally bowed to popular opinion[1] and bought a big-ass TV. It is good.
-Serenity LRP Event 2 is on its way; bookings are open now for crew from the previous event (like me) and will be in two weeks for everybody else. I am thinking of going, is anyone else? Fancy a lanky long-haired hanger-on?

That is all

[1] mine
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This next week is all fully booked up, despite my having it booked as holiday.

The weekend is SoS - the first time I've been since the big rules overhaul and Ten Years Later. I look forward to rescuing my sword from monster kit (if it's in there - I hope).

Monday-Wednesday will be spent in Cambridge with my lovely [ profile] vervain_.

Wednesday night/Thursday morning will be in Ilkley. Birthday morning! Huzzah.

Thursday is my actual BIRTHDAY.

I know there may have been some confusion on this point regarding the 10-year anniversary and Fortunathon party. That was a party for a different reason. This is my birthday. Whoo hoo! To celebrate there will be a night on the town starting in the Salisbury at 7. Actually, I might start drinking earlier if people are free (I know a few who get off work at about 5).

People who are determined to buy me material goods but are wary of my packrat-style acquisition system may be interested in this list of things that I definitely do not yet have and would be delighted to own. It is by no means comprehensive but may be helpful.

I look forward to seeing you there, gift or no.

Friday is as yet unbooked (earmarked for recovery) but Saturday we're off to darkest Yorkshire for the [ profile] gowhonkers' wedding reception. Sunday, again, waking up in a strange place and heading home.

And that's the end of the sto-ry.


Oct. 20th, 2006 10:02 am
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Okay, I've not said anything since the first announcement, but I'm having a party tomorrow.

It is to celebrate 10 years in Manchester - I arrived as a tallow student* in Autumn 1996 and they haven't managed to get rid of me yet. This also marks a decade of knowing many of my good friends, as I met them through WARPED and LARS (university sci-fi and LRP societies, respectively) in the first few weeks of term. I love you all.

Costume is optional. It is perhaps worth clarifying that it is costume that is optional, not clothing. Come dressed as something I like, and if I've got something related to it on DVD we may watch it. Or we may not - it's not explicitly a TV party. Turn up for music, video, light conversation and copious quantities of alcohol. Bring your own alcohol.

Anyway, I mention it now mostly to provide directions )

Those who have visited Chez Bennée before may be somewhat thrown that the door has changed; it is no longer green, it is now white and has no number. I include a photograph of the new door under the cut, for reasons of visual recognition.

Door Number 2 )

If anyone's still confused, let me know.

Doors will be open from about 7.30 onwards, there is a reasonable amount of crash space (a bed or two, a few mattresses and a couple of Budda Bags for the brave). See you there!

* Callow. CALLOW.
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Have not posted re Maelstrom or Artificer yet. Both are good. More later.

Dates for your diary:

Saturday 21st October - Andy's Combination 10th Anniversary Party AND POLAR BEAR LOVE FEST
Marking approximately 10 years since Andy arrived in Manchester for his edumacation, a tallow youth of 18. Fun and games with Chez Bennée. Because this is all about me, come dressed as something you think I will like. If it's something I have on DVD then it may get put on the televisiomatron. I don't know, I haven't thought it through. But turn up and let's all get wasted together - it seems appropriate.

EDITED TO ADD: Apparently this coincides with an [ profile] ed_fortuneiversary as well, he will be Old on or about this weekend. So this party will celebrate both these events. Above comments re "all about me" stand.

Thursday 16th November - Andy's Birthday
I'm taking the week off for my birthday, so will be able to take a night on the town despite it being a school night. There may be further pre-festivities the weekend before. Venues may include such halcyon locales as the Salisbury, the Temple of Convenience, FAB café and/or Matt & Phred's (or maybe not since they were a bit rude the last time we were there). Oh, and if there's any places with a camp cheesy pop mandate on Thursdays, let me know.

And that's the end of the storrrrry.
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I seem to have acquired another boyfriend. He's already met many of my friends - quite apart from the outing to Ara with [ profile] zheers et al on Friday and [ profile] richc's party on Saturday, it is also apparent that he is on first-name terms with approximately half the polulation of the planet. Thus, many of my friends did not even require introductions.

Still, for those of you who were not there or to whom it was not apparent[1], I introduce the lovely Salvador aka [ profile] vervain_.

[1] Somehow.
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Just a quick one. Fun fun weekend.

Friday I was ill enough to be off work, and took the opportunity to travel down earlier than planned to Cambridge to hang out with [ profile] vervain_. After a fun evening we headed down to Colchester for fun and games with everybody there. Met loads of people from NWO, played D&D, got savaged by the world's cutest devil dog, watched Doctor Who (so cool), watched Pirates of the Caribbean (also cool), spent what felt like about 27 hours driving. [ profile] vervain_ loves me for my car.

Somehow I thought it would be a good idea to leave a bag full of stuff at [ profile] vervain_'s house, so I'm currently without PDA charger. Boo.
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A good weekend.

Friday and Saturday were occupied mostly with Maelstrom, which was fun, as far as it went.  The Kamakuran game is an odd fish at the moment.

Sunday was the Date, which is of course the first thing most people are asking about at the moment.  Read more... ) In summary, relationship has been upgraded from Internet to Long Distance, and I am quite happy.

Oh, and yes, he is most definitely the same young gentleman as in the picture.  I checked.  Quite thoroughly.

In other news: [ profile] ed_fortune found this interesting and informative guide to the world of re-enactment.
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Weekend in summary! )

[ profile] wibblefish mentioned he did not know the current Special School address. It is - I should put a note to that effect on the Keenspace site, really. And update the links on my homepage. And maybe do something about that comic dropdown I was part of... anyway, anyone who wants to keep up-to-date with my monstrous creation can subscribe to [ profile] specialschool. (Oh, for reference, here's a link to the most recent strip on the Keenspace site. You can read forward from there if you've not been keeping up.)

That is all.

ETA: Just had my three-month review; mixed feedback. Apparently everybody thinks I'm enormously talented, if only I would apply myself more. This is something I heard right through school. I am simply not motivated. Which is surprising, because I really do enjoy working here and am keen to do right by them. I'm just far too easily distracted...

Net result: Probation extended by three months - they really want to keep me on but aren't yet confident that I will put the work in. On the plus side, boss was making laptop noises this morning.
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Snogtastic )

Well I can't comment on the accuracy, but the guy in that second picture looks kind of hot.


Aug. 7th, 2005 06:19 pm
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Fun-packed weekend, with Wedding Crashers on Friday (summary: tries to be too many things, variable writing, excellent performances from engaging leads), shopping for Seraph kit and "wine tasting" on Saturday (I did taste some wine but mostly drank Smirnoff Ice), and a Viking fair at Tatton Park today.  Sadly this evening's Kareoke has been cancelled due to lack of interest (yes, that's right, I said sadly).

Love life continues interesting.  Fingers crossed, no pressure.
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Definitely a good weekend.

Friday evening was spent mostly assembling my new computer table - it's bigger than the old one but has more usable shelves so I'll probably have more room in the end.  My chair needs to be further over, though, so I've less space to pile clothes on the floor (this being my only actual clothing storage space).

Also watched House of Flying Daggers ).

Saturday spent far too much money on club gear before proceeding to [ profile] zheers' house to watch Doctor Who.  An excellent episode, cracking end to the series, suffers slightly from the Magic Plot Device ending but otherwise most enjoyable.  Some spoilers. )

Right, when's that first series box set out?  Hmm, November 21 ... wonder if I can get them to release it a week earlier so I can have it for my birthday.  (Gah, I was going to complain that they'd just put all the disks in a single box rather than do a special space-saving edition, but it turns out it is a special box ... it's just hideously bulky by design.  Oh well.)

After that, off to the Wendy House, purveyors of fine Lucida Handwriting logos entertainment.  Much fun was had by all and I'm certain pictures will be forthcoming.  Thence back to Lee's house for more entertainment, all of which was most enjoyable.  Bed was taken at about 5am.

Today was therefore spent sleeping the fitful sleep of the dehydrated, and later watching many movies on DVD.  I have now completed my reverse-Smith-cycle by watching Clerks, and now may with some trepidation look forward to watching Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back at some future date (I started with Dogma and worked back).

Ta ta for now

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