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Serenity LRP event V was this weekend! Had fun; got involved; spoke to people; didn't get shot.

Successfully convinced at least six people that I was actually from North America, which is my general win condition for these things; one of them even went so far as to say they were jealous that I didn't have to bother putting on an accent. I think it's more because I never dropped out of it than for any particular reasons of quality, but I suppose I get points for being able to switch into an accent on that sort of not-having-to-think-about-it level. It's the product of a youth mis-spent watching - and re-enacting - far too much American TV.

(I don't think I'd be able to describe it in terms of a conscious process. Internally I tend to think of it as pulling my voice towards the back of my tongue instead of using the tip, and once it's there it kind of stays there. Australian, on the other hand, is somewhere in the middle.)

I also had a v neat bit of personal plot, involving something from my character's past which came back to bite him in the ass. It was slightly awkward in that I had no way of recognising the character I was dealing with until she "reminded" me (Not that I'd forgotten as such - I'd made no mention of any particular characters in the background), but it worked pretty well in a "Street Fighter: The Movie" kind of way[1] - the lady in question had clearly kept Lee Shaw foremost in his thoughts in the intervening years, and considered me her archnemesis or something, and was totally crestfallen when she realised I had no idea who she was. It was a lot of fun, and I got to use my Disarm skill, and got guns pointed at me. Then [ profile] diegoliger got to sermonise at us. Much fun was had by all :)

[1] "For you, the day Bison graced your village was the most important day of your life. But for me... it was Tuesday."
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Oh finally, I've found a picture of me from Serenity. I was beginning to think I'd avoided photographic capture entirely:

I am now satisfied that the costume didn't look too blatantly 20th-century, despite being entirely composed of items from Marks & Spencer and Tesco. Oh, apart from the army boots.

Shame I look like a twat.

ETA: another one, though out of focus and almost off the edge. And another. And another from behind! I am getting bad at this "spotting myself in a crowd" thing.

Still nothing really iconworthy though...
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I was reasonably satisfied with my Bad American Accent this weekend. I do worry that it's not remotely convincing, but on Saturday (in an out-of-character aside, in the kitchen) I was questioned as to my country of origin, and whether I was in fact from Canada.

Not the precise country I was going for, but at least it was convincingly natural...

EDITED TO ADD: I've managed not to speak to anyone with the accent so far today, but I have unintentionally used it several times when muttering to myself.
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Serenity was a lot of fun. This time the pacing was much better, there was only one run to fix the main cortex relay, and no continual stream of local gang members to pester the players.

Am annoyed to find that I was indeed capable of calling Disarm, duh. Wish I'd remembered that when I tried to wrestle [ profile] bacony's gun away from her ... oh well, got a good shout out of it, not to mention real genuine blood!

Oh, also, am pleased to note that I have again ended up crewing a ship named after one from Bucky O'Hare, though this time it is the Righteous Indignation instead of the Indefatigable.
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1. I realised why Dragon's Den annoys me! It is Coverage Of People Applying For Loans.

2. Serenity LRP have released version 2.0 of their rules. As you can tell from the Document History at the front there's not really enough to warrant a whole version increment - it should really be 1.5 or thereabouts - but I'm just happy it's out. The big change is the addition of the downtime rules, and the "Virtuoso" (or Prestige) skills that are only acquired in downtime (ie, not available to starting characters).

3. RAVE RAVE RAVE (makes noise so NSFW)

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-This week's Special Schools have been completed and uploaded; there is naughtiness. And nippleage.
-[ profile] stsquad has finally bowed to popular opinion[1] and bought a big-ass TV. It is good.
-Serenity LRP Event 2 is on its way; bookings are open now for crew from the previous event (like me) and will be in two weeks for everybody else. I am thinking of going, is anyone else? Fancy a lanky long-haired hanger-on?

That is all

[1] mine

Me, me, me

Jun. 6th, 2006 11:05 am
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Photos from Serenity

Being a narcissist at heart I will now draw your attention to the best and most important ones.

It's all about me, baby

ETA: For your Andy viewing convenience.
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First, a full and accurate summary of X-Men 3 (no spoilers).

Second, a full and mostly accurate summary of Serenity.

I enjoyed it, though I did sleep a lot and have some interesting bruises and stings. I don't do enough Sci-Fi LRP, and I do have a deep and abiding love for the Firefly universe, so I had a hoot. I should also crew more. I don't think I give enough back to the LRP "community." Though it has been said that my very presence is gift enough.

From a crewing point of view I was marginally disappointed at the 24-hour-time-in nature of the event. Not because crew were headed out to pester the players at all hours - I slept through all that - but because a certain amount of motivation for crewing is to hang out and get drunk with the players after time out. I would like to experience the game from a player point of view, and will try very much to sign up in time for the next game. I am not sure if I would crew again. It was a long way to drive. Maybe if I arranged some sort of car-share setup.

Anyway ... had fun, dressed as cowboy, talked about space technology in awful southern accents[1]. There was no real way it could have gone wrong...

EDITED TO ADD: One thing that amused me was how many Firefly-class ships were present through the game. There was at least one crew with an extant vessel, another who had recently parted company with such a craft, and there was alleged to be another one in Sunday's auction (this turned out not to be the case). Given the scarcity and age of these craft I found this very unlikely IC - but perfectly understandable OOC. ;)

[1] Yes, plural. My recurring engineer character slipped further and further into Owen Wilson, and the dodgy forgery delivery boy was played as Sawyer from Lost. I didn't put that much thought into it at the time, it just happened.

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