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So apparently Rafael Nadal is better than Andy Murray at straight sets.


Does want

Jun. 9th, 2008 04:40 pm
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Rafael Nadal

Can has?

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Submitted my downtime for Artificer!

It's a bit rubbish, but I've always been a bit rubbish at downtimes. At least this time I have something I want to do, even if I have no real clue how to go about it.

While I'm here, a quick media review:
  1. Stardust: awesome
  2. Serenity LRP: fun
  3. Beowulf: well fit

Many thanks to everyone who turned up at my and [ profile] diegoliger's birthday outing, sorry it didn't go terribly well. It was a simple plan - movie then pub - but the movie was sold out and the pub was full.

I'd bought our tickets the night before on Tinternet, and provided a link so that people could do the same, but neglected to make any actual recommendation or even mention of this so only [ profile] bacony and [ profile] the_prince, who thought to turn up ahead of time and were buying their tickets while we were waiting outside for them, managed to see it with us. Everybody else got in at the AMC and joined us later; the latter half of the celebration took place at Wagamama and the Salisbury instead of Sinclair's.

I'm not certain who got the best deal out of the IMAX and AMC parties, as we didn't get very good seats and the 3D IMAX is really calibrated for the middle area of seatage; down in the corner, where we were, you really have to shift your head to get the 3D effect for different areas of the screen. I think it would be better in either 3D or IMAX. I think Katy and Vince got a better view, as they were already in the queue for seats while were were frantically checking outside for them one last time. That said, I cannot argue with a set of six-pack abs four storeys high[1], and there is always entertainment to be had in pawing at an illusory sword hilt that is concealing a lovingly-animated crotch, or craning your head in a futile effort to see around it.

Note to self, make some kind of effort to see 300.

[1] Oddly, a Google Image Search for 'Beowulf naked' brings back more images of Angelina Jolie than anything else.
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I have a new a new animated crush: BROCK SAMSON from the Venture Bros cartoon.

EDIT: NOT SAFE FOR WORK unless it's safe for you to watch cartoons on YouTube at work. Also, animated violence and implied sexual content.

(I was going to provide an alternative text link for those without Flash, but then I realised that if you don't have Flash you're not going to be able to see it on the main YouTube site either. So, anyway.)


and watch this for more on Brock's history with the Molotov Cocktease.

NOW WATCH THIS ENTIRE EPISODE it's awesome and Brock gets naked.
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Watched The Amityville Horror (2005) last night! Bought it months ago and have thus far failed to make time, as I am not particularly interested in horror movies, except for a sort of vague intellectual interest in the method and technique.

Block caps are used to express disdain )

All that said, I did have an ulterior motive for watching, and was not disappointed. Oh, my.

[1] I gather later installments diverged from this ambiguity somewhat.
[2] On a related note, I believe it was Hitchcock who defined tension as "when the audience knows something that the characters do not" - that instinctive urge to cry out "Don't go in there!" or "It's behind you!" Given that criteria, there were only one or two moments of actual tension in the movie.
[3] That said, one of the more technically challenging scenes, the daughter skipping around on the very highest part of the roof of the house, did not involve any on-screen supernatural elements whatsoever. This was also one of the more genuinely thrilling moments.
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I've experienced quite a bit of Radio One DJ Nihal lately; he covered Chris Moyles' breakfast show over the chrimbo break and appears to be serving as co-pilot for the turns who are guest-hosting for Zane Lo while he's on his hols. I get on with him quite well, and I've liked some of the non-playlist tracks he's slipped in, though I suspect that these are the more mainstream ones, and that I would find the majority of his late-night genre-oriented graveyard show less to my taste.

I mention this purely because today is the first time I have looked up pictures of him. I think he is quite pretty.

Not sure why he's so keen on Asian music though, he doesn't look very oriental to me.
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This is, of course, harsh, draconian and reactionary, but in my mind there are people who are allowed to go around wearing nothing but a loincloth, and people who are not.

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I am, as ever, somewhat torn regarding Big Brother.

On the one hand, I have successfully avoided any knowledge of this year's program, except that one of the contestants apparently talks like Clunk from Dastardly And Muttley In Their Flying Machines. And one of them is threatening to top himself. And something about a golden ticket "be in the house" giveaway. But aside from that.

On the other hand .... Dermot.
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WARNING: Cut for bad grammar and COCK IN PIC.

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Am currently in Ilkley, and will be until Monday morning. I think that about covers that.

Have just watched Ocean's Twelve. ([ profile] stsquad's copy, which I bought him for his birthday. What? Mum was going to watch it on pay-per-view, and I thought this made more sense. I am sure he will not mind. Anyway I'll have it back before he knows it's missing so he'll never ohshi

Ocean's 12: some small spoilers )

Word of the day: Hideous. Try to use it more in casual conversation.

While I am here I have been prompted to note my thoughts on the newest series of Stargate: SG-1, on the basis that they are likely to prompt the visitation of extreme pain upon my person.

Farscapegate )

And that's what'll get me hurt.

[1] Yes I'm not saying it's likely.
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Snogtastic )

Well I can't comment on the accuracy, but the guy in that second picture looks kind of hot.
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Following Saturday's Doctor Who a number of new images have been added to the episode's desktop gallery.  Many of them are of Captain Jack.

Not bad.
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My current desktop image.

It is just too silly.

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