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 I've posted some blather over in [ profile] just_writing, something which is hopefully in a style reminiscent of something approximating an old pulp novel.  You know the type, the villains are proper villainous and the men are manly men and the prose contains numerous references to the size and strength of the heroes' mighty biceps without ever quite being intentionally homoerotic.  Also the men admire one another pretty much constantly.

There follows a pair of paragraphs that I had to chop out and rework for pacing (I wanted to keep more or less in the moment, without digressing too much into backstory, as it is intended to be a series already in progress), and perspective (pulp novels are supposed to be about the HEROES rather than telling the story from a particular character's perspective) but couldn't bring myself to destroy them completely because I like the way they talk about Bart.

Oh, for the uninitiated, Dirk Hardy is my Adventure! character, who has been played in at least two tabletops and two LRP games thus far.  Bart is his co-pilot.

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Ok, this isn't exactly the same; Rory has been researching actual science instead of watching TV, and they do go for one of the options my Doctor dismissed (which is sort of the point of my scene, whimsy over hard SF). But it's thematically similar enough to be really quite vexing.

Also startling, as I've had that scene rattling around in my head for a year or more. What are the odds it would make it into the show like a week after I finally sit down and write it?

Stupid psychic writers.

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Further to my last post. (If you haven't read it yet, go and do so.)

I do, in fact, already have some ideas about Terry; who he is, how he came to be, and why he was hurrying after the Doctor in the first place. But I'm suddenly struck with a powerful curiosity about what other people conjure up when they are given very little information about a character. So, tell me about your Terry.

What does Terry look like? How tall is he, what colour is his hair? How does he wear it?
How old is he?
What style of dress does he favour?
Where does he come from?
What does he do of an evening?
What does he do during the day?

If you like, you can tell me how he met the Doctor and what was chasing them. And for bonus points, tell me which Doctor this is (and which TARDIS).
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Terry rushed into the box after the Doctor, turning to glance through the door before slamming it firmly shut. He kept his eyes fixed on the door while turning his head slightly to speak to the man he assumed to be just over his shoulder.
  "I think we lost them," said Terry. "Now I assume you have something better in mind than hiding in a cupboard because..."
  He tailed off. Something wasn't right. The Doctor should be right there, the box was only a few feet across, but there was no sense of a body, no warmth, no pressure, and the air was moving..
  He turned around.
  The Doctor had already bounded up to the console and was gleefully playing with the controls. As the groan of ancient engines filled the filled the air - the ground, the door, Terry's bones - the Doctor shot him a glance.
  "'Salright," he reassured his young friend, turning back to the controls, "We're safe now, we're in flight. You can relax. You can say it."
  Terry took a breath.
  He lowered an eyebrow and raised a finger.
  The Doctor grinned again. "Ye-es?"
  "... It's ... a teleport?"
  "No, no it's not a teleport," said the Doctor, still grinning.
  "It's a gateway, then. A portal interlock to your ... secret lair or ..." Had the Doctor said they were in flight? "Ship?"
  "Yes, it's a ship, no it's not a portal." The Doctor's expression was more quizzical now, and he leaned on the console. He'd been expecting a simple exclamation, not an interrogation.
  "Okay, the ship exists in another plane - like a hyperspace - and extrudes a physical exit into real space?"
  "You really do watch far too much science fiction. Not even close."
  "Right. So it's a pocket dimension - a tesseract? At right angles to reality?"
  "No, no, no. Getting colder. Sub-zero. Kelvin. And that's not even possible."
  "Alright, I give up. What is it?"
  "You sure? You'll kick yourself."
  "No, yeah. Tell me."
  "Alright. What it is, is..." The Doctor beckoned Terry closer, looked theatrically around to make sure none of the other imaginary passengers were listening and lowered his voice. "The way it works is..."
  "Yes?" demanded Terry.
  "It's bigger ... on the inside."

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