Nov. 23rd, 2010

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I've been looking at media players and boxes to go under my telly (from the Apple TV to the upcoming YouView) alongside my XBox 360, but until now I haven't really tried to pin down exactly what I'm looking for in such a glittery bauble. UNTIL NOW.

RequirementFulfilled by
Able to play media off my PCXBox, for certain file types.
BBC iPlayer and, ideally, other OD services such as 4ODApple TV, YouView.  XBox will play iPlayer files downloaded to PC, but it's extra faff.
Able to play media (AVI files, etc) off DVDXBox, for certain file types.
Makes less noise than the XBoxEverything except for XBox.  Though that does include the quieter XBox 360 S.

Hmm, that appears to be it, really. The HD freeview and PVR aspects of the YouView are still a draw - because I like to get an HD signal on my HDTV, and I'm excited about the way it ties the OD services into the programme guide so you can just flip back in time and watch things you missed. And the Apple TV appeals because it would play well with my iPod Touch. But setting those "shiny toy gadget" aspects aside, the big thing at the moment is that the XBox is somewhat lacking as a media centre on account of the encoding restrictions and the lack of internet connectivity.

I wonder if a decent NetBook (one with a DVD drive) would be a decent option?

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