Mar. 1st, 2010

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I am experimenting with crossposting! This is a Livejournal post which should eventually be picked up by an automatic aggregator and posted to my Facebook news feed. (I shan't be doing the same with twitter until they use the oAuth API instead of requiring passwords, though.)

How have people found services such as LoudTwit? Do they require your LJ password? Because no.
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I am totally thinking about selling up my XBox and jumping ship to the PS3 boat, partly for the Blue Ray but mostly because Microsoft refuse to even consider the notion of a free BBC iPlayer.

It's not so much that I am desperate for a BBC player (I can get it on my computer and even on my iPod touch), though it would be nice to get it on the TV. No, it's more the way that allowing their users to get any sort of functionality out of their console without turning it into a revenue stream is just so completely outside their business model. It gives you some real insight into how they think of their customers.

Fair enough for in-game DCL, I guess, but when you realise they want you pay to download game-based themes - which is, essentially, the privilege of plastering advertising all over the brief interstitial screen between turning your console on and actually doing whatever it is you want to do with it - it's just sad.

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