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More pictures are up on the Crooked House site.  Here is my youthful ward Malcolm showing off his Rough Passage.
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Quick note: Some photies from Dick Britton are now up.

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Back from Voice of the Seraph.  It proved to be a lot further away than we initially envisaged - South Wales, so not a brief after-work jaunt - but was nonetheless highly enjoyable.

I'm sorry to say that they blew Riftworld out of the water in terms of props and set - impressive though RW's remote-controlled gun turret was, it paled in comparison next to Crooked House's motherfucking tank.  Not to mention the various archaeological dig sites, buried chambers and actual plague of locusts.

In case that last is in any way vague: There were actual, live locusts.  No half-way measures here.

Slightly more full dissection )

Pictures as we get them.  For now enjoy these pre-event costume tests courtesy [ profile] stsquad.


Aug. 7th, 2005 06:19 pm
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Fun-packed weekend, with Wedding Crashers on Friday (summary: tries to be too many things, variable writing, excellent performances from engaging leads), shopping for Seraph kit and "wine tasting" on Saturday (I did taste some wine but mostly drank Smirnoff Ice), and a Viking fair at Tatton Park today.  Sadly this evening's Kareoke has been cancelled due to lack of interest (yes, that's right, I said sadly).

Love life continues interesting.  Fingers crossed, no pressure.
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Excellent, looks like wrist watches are perfectly acceptable in a 1920s setting.

Funny how much in our societies are a result of war.
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Event pack arrived for Voice of the Seraph - and what a bulging pack it is!  Am quite impressed with the amount of effort that's gone into it, what with correspondence, documentation and even newspaper clippings with yours truly photoshopped in.  I am a personality.

And I think I have a sidekick.
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Have finally booked for Captain Dick Britton - apparently they are nearly full for Supporting Cast (monsters), but have plenty of room left for Starring Roles (players).  Hint, hint.

I booked as the latter and left the "Character Concept" field blank, specifying only that the character should be "sociable".  I leave myself in their hopefully capable hands.  Ooh, it's all exciting...

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