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 I've posted some blather over in [ profile] just_writing, something which is hopefully in a style reminiscent of something approximating an old pulp novel.  You know the type, the villains are proper villainous and the men are manly men and the prose contains numerous references to the size and strength of the heroes' mighty biceps without ever quite being intentionally homoerotic.  Also the men admire one another pretty much constantly.

There follows a pair of paragraphs that I had to chop out and rework for pacing (I wanted to keep more or less in the moment, without digressing too much into backstory, as it is intended to be a series already in progress), and perspective (pulp novels are supposed to be about the HEROES rather than telling the story from a particular character's perspective) but couldn't bring myself to destroy them completely because I like the way they talk about Bart.

Oh, for the uninitiated, Dirk Hardy is my Adventure! character, who has been played in at least two tabletops and two LRP games thus far.  Bart is his co-pilot.

~~~~ Begin excerpt ~~~~

Bartholomew was by far the strangest individual Jones had encountered. Introduced as a native of the African continent, the fellow was unnaturally short and to Shiloh's eye misshapen, though he seemed to be in no pain and remarkably dexterous despite his disfigurement. He was also covered in a thick layer of wiry, black hair. When Jones discreetly questioned Hardy on the matter soon after take-off the older man grinned at some private joke and confirmed that Bart's appearance was not at all unusual for his homeland.

Jones could have taken all this in stride, of course; Hardy Freight and Shipping was an international entity and as such employed a wide variety of local colour. Those who could not work in such a cosmopolitan environment would not stay with the company long. Despite this, he found Bartholomew - which Jones could only guess was an assumed name - objectionable for one primary reason; the fellow was unwilling or unable to communicate in any language other than his own, though he seemed perfectly capable of comprehending most of the multinationals in Hardy's employ. Jones, in turn, was unable to make head or tail of the short man's speech.

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Lovely, and rather dastardly funny.

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