Sep. 15th, 2005


Sep. 15th, 2005 01:18 am
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I am writing this from my bed; [ profile] stsquad has given me use of one of his old wireless iPaqs (price tbd if I find it useful).

Now, if I can just lay my hands on a docking cradle of some sort, I can get some sort of chat programme installed...
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T-shirts arrived!  Am currently wearing my Jigglydrowh one.  It has come out quite well, it's a reasonable print and apparently can be machine washed (though not ironed on the print).  Pretty standard, really.  The print is a little off-centre but that could be me.  Symmetry is overrated anyway.

Am thinking about signing up for the affiliate program and selling T-shirts ... who fancies one?  And what would they fancy upon it?

EDIT: Unrelated - Having completed Dungeon Siege, I appear to have run out of games to play on my PC. (Well, I have a few - like the Temple of Elemental Evil - that I just can't face playing, and one or two - like Homeworld 2 - that rely on me finishing an earlier game, but those are generally not counted as "games to play".) Hoom.

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