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It is a time of great financial upheval.

Not commuting to Macclesfield: good.
Ant off work: plusungood.
Got a raise: doubleplusgood.
Every bill in the world arriving at once: doubleplusungood.

I'm really hoping this was just a badly timed month ... and will probably be buying fewer toys in the near future.

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Edited to add: What looks like the original cartoon can be found on Project Cartoon (where, if you object to a particular stage or can think of a funnier caption, you can create your own).
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ANDY: We could buy a tarantula, and put it in a box, and anyone who changes the meta tags without asking has to put their hand in the Gom Jabbar.
PAUL: Or - or they have to put their hand in whenever they want to turn on their computers -
ANDY: - so only those who have true intent and are pure of heart can -
PAUL: - and it's all wired up together - how long do you think it would take to get that set up?
ANDY: I'm not sure. Is there an ActiveX control for 'pure of heart'?
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"We do like the design," said the client, which was probably for the best, since the site was due to go live and they'd been using it in development for three months and had somehow managed not to see the design, apparently, until this point.
"However," they continued, "we find that we are required to request a trivial change in order to maintain our sense of involvement.
"We would like to change this orange for one three shades lighter, making the text harder to see.
"And we would like this change to take place on every image throughout the site.
"By tomorrow."
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Fucking IE.
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There is a man in China called Jedi Huang.

True story.
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ANDY: Every time I try to type "SKU"[1] it comes out as "Sky"!
PAUL: Every time I try to type "Cheshire" it comes out as "Cheshite".

[1] Yes, including that time


Aug. 22nd, 2006 03:14 pm
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I really must try harder not to shout "Bitches!" at my monitor.

It's my current expletive of choice. I don't know why it's taken my fancy - possibly it's the idea that those listening may envisage some metaphorical group of wicked ladies who are foiling my every move - but nonetheless it is emerging from my orifice[1] with alarming regularity and increasing volume. It's only up to "spoken" so far but it can only be a matter of time.

[1] What? We call it that sometimes, don’t we? "Orifice."
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Having spent the greater part of the day screwing around with their database, a client of ours is forgiven because they sell these:


Message ends.

Mo Money

Apr. 28th, 2006 02:21 pm
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Got payslip today; post-three-month pay-hike to actual salary has been remembered, approved and processed. £100pcm extra, after tax. Not to be sneezed at...

According to boss, "will be nice to get you up to the full amount[1] asap, you deserve it!"

Annoyingly, the rent went out today, and the pay won't appear in my account for another couple. If I hadn't unnecessarily paid a chunk off my credit card[2] on Monday, I wouldn't have gone into the red this month...

[1] I'm due a similar hike as soon as I pass the ColdFusion accreditation exam.
[2] Unnecessary because it only went on a couple of weeks ago when I had the new exhaust, but I was feeling all responsible and stuff.
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This afternoon: Popping in to Bolton to talk to a man about some freelance work.

Thursday: Spending the day in Macclesfield as a sort of "second interview".

Friday: A few hours in Congleton freelancing for the company I did some work for a couple of weeks back.

Next week: Back to the same company for a few days' work, weds-thurs-fri.

I must remember not to double book myself.  In fact I'm not sure I can arrange anything with the guy this afternoon with any degree of certainty.  Well I won't turn him down because this thing in Macclesfield may still fall through, but it's possible they may want me to start with them in the new year ... you never know.  They do really like me, apparently.
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Yay! They want me to work again today.

Shit! That means getting up.
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Wheeee!  Got work.

Well, probably.  I gave my old design agency a call on Monday to let them know I'm available; that same day one of their agents rang back about a possible job in ... well to be honest I don't recall where, they all blur together after a while.  Might be Congleton.  I said I'd be interested and they agreed to put me forward.

(Then on Tuesday the agency rang back to set up an interview with them - I remember going through this lass time, they like to talk to you in person about what your skillset is and what work you're looking for so they know what jobs to look for.  That's set for tomorrow.)

Today the first guy rang back - apparently the company have read through my CV and rather than interviewing me they'd like me to freelance for them for a bit.  Which has got to be good.

He's going to talk to them about starting on Monday ... hurrah!
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Promising news on the job front - the person I interviewed with on Friday liked me, and will be putting me forward for it.  It has been agreed with his manager.  Now all that stands in my way is a woman named Joy in London, who is apparently in charge of HR for what is technically the "railways" department.  (Despite being a worldwide engineering company the web software dev department is really really small, and apparently last year somebody decided they didn't deserve a HR woman of their own and filed them under "railways".)

Still, I will be going to the job centre this afternoon as arranged, and continuing to search until I have definite news.  Eggs, baskets, q.v.

In an unrelated story: Captain Jack returns in adult post-watershed Who spin-off.  (q.v.)  The best news I've heard all week.

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