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Have you ever been wrapped up nice and warm in a sleeping bag, needed to go to the toilet or get a nice mug of hot cocoa, and found yourself shuffling around in your sleeping bag, feet pressed into the corners, awkwardly stumbling and slipping over?

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Anyone who has never heard Bleak Expectations should start doing so. It's the start of the third series but I think it should be easy enough to pick up who's who, they all introduce themselves and everything.

It is serious serious gritty period drama with all the knobs. Honest.
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ooooof, owwww. Ochfff. That'll leave a mark...
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'So ... you're drifting about in your Airship ... and you wonder to yourself ... "I wonder what the Aether is doing?" Now, with just a glance at your wrist you can tell. The Aether Monitor will let you know what to expect during your trip ... Calm ... Stormy ... Fair ... know in advance whether to trim your ballast ... or get ready to ride it out.'
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We recommend:

This Video

because it is awesome.
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Having received a number of compliments on the hat I donned for the recent Gaslamp Press game (see icon), I feel there may be a certain segment of my flist who would be interested in knowing the shop from which it was purchased is currently advertising a blowout sale on Stetson Hats. Every Stetson in the store - that's every hat made by Stetson, not just the classic cowboy cut - is currently at least 25% and apparently up to 40% off their previous price; Every Stetson, the literature assures me, Must Go.

An update regarding this weekend's Military Odyssey is upcoming, I assure you.
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I am just getting into this whole Podcast thing; it's an excellent way to fill the lunch hour as I stroll down the road to the shop. (Perhaps not the best way to encourage one to stroll at any kind of pace, but I digress.) I have most recently been entertained - at the recommendation of the iTunes Store's Most Popular Podcasts list - by Ben and Dave's Six Pack, and if that sounds like a double-entendre, well, that's because it is. Despite being openly-gay media types they're refreshingly non-camp, and indeed sound for all the world as though they're real men instead of screaming benders with no more right to live on God's clean Earth than a weasel.

It would be a mistake to pretend the show doesn't have an agenda, but above and beyond "things that we like and are interested in" there's also a general message of "gay people are just people".

(I'm not 100% with them on the way they do this. In the inaugural Six Pack podcast they call out a camp-as-tents TV fashion specialist, and say how terrible it is that the only way to get on TV as a gay is to be a flaming joke. Which TBH I think is actually prejudiced towards the notion of "gay==camp" - there could be plenty of other homos in the same show, it's just that you don't know, because it doesn't come up in casual conversation. Indeed, they are themselves assuming the guy himself is gay based on his demeanour. And finally, after moaning about his outfit, they get annoyed by one of the other presenters saying he dresses funny, decrying it as a homophobic comment, when really it's less anti-gay than it is anti-camp. But I digress.)

At the end of the day they're a pair of funny guys who seem to be into Star Trek, beer, sex, and Transformers. Which is, to me at least, a pretty entertaining listen.
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Some people just have way too much time on their hands.
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Okay, now seriously. Is for real? I honestly can't tell if it's heartfelt zealotry or dedicated, straight-faced parody. Hilarious though the photographs of cheerfully beaming followers clutching merrily-hued placards reading "GOD: AMERICA'S TERRORIST" and "YOU EAT YOUR BABIES" are, it's worrying to think they are going on actual pickets and haranguing actual people.

Plus, of course, even if it is a parody (and I'm genuinely not sure either way), it's so very straight-faced and so very seriously-produced that some people may act on it.

Edited to add: Oh right, it's entirely serious. I think I was aware of it before, but just reading through the site, the whole thing seems so very absurd that it's hard to take on face value. Seriously, the site reads like an Onion article. Come on, they have placards reading "THANK GOD FOR IEDs!" And they're so happy! It just does not compute.
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Rather late, I know, but people who were involved in [ profile] ed_fortune's Doctor Who game may be interested to know upon whom I modelled my Time Lord.
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Much though I loath the Daily Fail, you have to give them credit for bringing events such as this to our attention. (Would you like to know more?)

that said, they apparently don't want credit, seeing as how the byline has gone to "DAILY MAIL REPORTER"

Although I am well up for themed weddings, I can't help but think I'd draw the line at "fancy dress" as a theme. Still, at least - spending three hours in makeup - they did it right, unlike some other efforts.
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Ever wake up to find your bedclothes all over the place?

This is why
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Edited to add: What looks like the original cartoon can be found on Project Cartoon (where, if you object to a particular stage or can think of a funnier caption, you can create your own).
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What's that, chum? You have an alien scarab beetle embedded in your spine that envelops you in technological armour, turning you into a killing machine held in check only by your own deep-seated sense of humanity? Sweet!

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