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It's always great when somebody reveals something that they've had planned for almost ten years and nobody guessed.

(One could easily be sceptical of such long-running plans. I do recall many years ago thinking that Mr Abrams was playing the "mysterious origins" game because he hadn't thought one up yet, though I can't remember whether that was something he said or just the way it seemed. However, it does seem that the lady in question has instigated rather too many inexplicable explosions for that aspect of her secret origin, at least, to have been made up just now.)
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"Don't do drugs, kids, or they might impair your ability to enjoy drugs later in life."


Jan. 12th, 2009 09:20 am
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In case anyone wasn't already aware, apparently Scott Kurtz likes Doctor Who.
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Who fans should check out the "Joe Does Something!" donation reward thing on Zebragirl at the moment (down below the main comic, on the right).

I'ma screengrab that sucker.
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Everyone is all excited about this-or-that Age of Conans and Warhammer Beta Bla Di Bla games that are coming out and stuff.

Me, I'm more intrigued by this "On The Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness" offering.

Four Gods wait on the windowsill,
Where eight Gods once did war and will,
And if the Gods themselves may die,
What does that say for you and I?

Bullet points while I'm here:

  • Saw Iron Man; it was good
  • Had a wisdom tooth extracted; am reasonably certain pliers were involved
  • [ profile] batelf got older; there was much rejoicing
  • Read The Pearls That Were His Eyes; it was quite entertaining but hard to rate objectively, being as how I have some passing familiarity with the source materials.

More in-depth reviews may be forthcoming, or not.
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Probably coming late to the party, but this comic strip "Arbuckle" is a work of genius.


Feb. 15th, 2008 11:48 am
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Gratuitous new icon post!

This comic has come up in casual conversation so many times recently that I could not justify not iconning it.
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During the course of yesterday's BESM game I mentioned a comic strip about Unicron vs the Death Star.

This is that comic.

It was not long after followed by round 2, in which Grand Moff Tarkin can breathe in space.

And of course the winner of the battle was revealed earlier, in the parent comic.

And knowing is half the battle!
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I feel I should mention for my BESM players that this is the direct inspiration for a damaged hyperdrive leaking geometry.

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I vaguely recall at some point over the last week trying to relate to somebody the half-remembered details of a webcomic composed of victorian clip-art, and a particular strip of this comic which dealt with a pressing issue at hand. As you do.

I have located the webcomic, and indeed the strip in question.

I cite wikipedia as a source.

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