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Spoilers for the last episode of Being Human ahoy.

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Mum's review of the most recent series of Doctor Who:
"I did enjoy the last Dr Who series, all quite satisfactory (apart from the odd hole in the overall obliteration of universe plot) although I think the girl is beginning to irritate me just a bit. doctor is OK apart from the hair!"

I love my mum.
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Another sterling episode of Big Babies. In which they BREAK FORMULA and do not leave the house.
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it is reasonably amusing and visually stimulating


Mar. 14th, 2010 03:58 pm
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I have ordered a new TV! Sainsbury's said it "was £499 now £379 save £120!" but on checking the internets it became apparent that it was £500 this time last year and is now more commonly around the £350-400 mark. With the money I saved going to Amazon, I bought an HDMI cable for the XBox!

I am considering giving away my old one (it's a 32" widescreen Samsung of the cathode ray tube variety, with 2 SCART sockets; in reasonably good nick, apart from occasional distortion on bright images and no built-in Freeview), though we may stick it in the bedroom or something.
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In case anyone I know isn't watching Being Human yet:

This is why you should be.
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Saw No Heroics yesterday; it was win. A superhero comedy that doesn't make fun of superheroes, but instead has fun with them.

It's been heavily shaped by budgetary constraints (enough to inform the fundamental concept - the emphasis on "off-duty superheroes" can't exactly have hurt the pitch). Only one out of the four central characters has a power that's even approaching visible (fire powers), and all of the others can be easily accomplished with practical effects (indeed, two of the powers thus far exhibited are entirely dialogue-based). Further, much of the action is based inside a private bar where use of powers is actively prohibited, so they got through the first episode with a total of three (nice and subtle) effect shots and a few camera shakes. But it all hooks into the basic setting, so we're not so disappointed when nobody uses their powers. (Contrast with The Specials, a superhero movie which was similarly filmed on a shoestring budget, but didn't think to build in any particular reason why anybody wouldn't be using their powers in any given scene.)

Obviously I'm biased, what with one thing and another, but I definitely liked it and will be tuning in next week for further non-adventures.

Join us. Internet Jesus commands it.
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Despite the somewhat awkward lyrics, I find myself growing unaccountably fond of the Ben 10 theme. Some combination of the 50's alien theramin noises, the hammond organ hits and the gleefully harmonised bridge just really tickles me.

Kind of a shame, then, that the show has come to its natural end in the States, though I am intrigued by its replacement.

EDITED TO ADD: Also, the funk-jazz stylings of the Legion of Superheroes. Naturally.
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I had the good fortune of catching an episode of Pushing Daisies recently.

I wasn't initially interested because a simple pitch-type summary - 'private detective who solves crimes with his dead girlfriend' - doesn't do the show justice. That brief soundbite gives you the idea that it's a dark show trying to be the next Buffy, like 'Tru Calling' or something. This could not be further from the truth; in fact the show is more like a modern fairy tale, and while this phrase too is bandied about far too much, in this case it is particularly apt because of the narration, which comes from a distinguished british gent and speaks in story-book terms like 'the shoemaker' and 'the piemaker' rather than naming the characters directly. In addition the show is bright and colourful, with plot and direction both that scream whimsy. Almost hysterically, in fact.

Here is a clip from the show where the dead girlfriend's archnemesis follows her reanimated pigeon friend, accompanied by the dead girlfriend's taxidermist aunts.

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Tuesday: [ profile] ed_fortune asks, "Have they commissioned a series of Being Human yet?"

Thursday: BBC replies, "OH ALL RIGHT THEN"
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Spaced set for US adaptation

Most people are up in arms over this because it will very likely be shit. I, however, am linking the article due to its interesting use of words such as 'prexy' (production executive?) and 'segs' (segments).

(FWIW, it could work. As long as they remember the reason they bought it - because America loves Simon Pegg - and don't just look at what they've bought and focus-group it into the ground.)
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1) Maelstrom

I went, and had fun. I did spend some time on the Saturday sitting around looking for shade with nothing much else to do, but this is my fault for generating complacent characters with few responsibilities or goals[1]. In retaliation I (finally) generated my secondary character, John Frankley, butler to [ profile] vervain_'s character. Built-in interaction and things to do, huzzah! The weekend was dampened by losing several old familiar characters to villainous machinations, but at least one of them came back to life, so that's not so bad then.

OH, another low point of the weekend was all the athletic young men walking around with their tightly-muscled torsos hanging out. It made me want one.

2) Doctor Who

Made it home in time to catch the BBC3 repeat. Best episode evar.

This episode received a 5.5 on the Fear Factor scale of 1-5 (as judged by a panel of four 6-14-year-olds). Spoilars ) Anyway, I just thought that was worth mentioning. It's a cracking episode, and if you haven't already seen it you should move heaven and earth to make it so.

That is all.

[1] Well, not entirely my fault. I somehow managed to miss all the major fights that went down due to being elsewhere.
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Oh, I know what I wanted to mention: I saw an advert on the television yesterday for a new and improved method of infusing a child's bloodstream with diabetes-inducing levels of sugar. It was something like the MEGA ULTRA PUSH POP SPRAY or something - the device produces a mist of some technologically advanced sugar solution or some such, which the child presumably inhales - but what really caught my attention was the utter failure on the part of the advertisers to connect with their target audience. On occasion I am reminded of the mock toy advertisement presented in The Specials; this was one of those times.

"AWESOME!!" exclaimed the prepubescent actors, as the airborne candies invaded their precious orifices.

"TO THE MAX!!!" further youths emphatically agreed.

To the Max? To The Max?

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Heroes #20 is awesome, but you could almost hear the budget creaking under the strain. Quick, take it offscreen!

I had predicted a number of the factors of the twists reveaed, but in subtly the wrong places. And I only got the Nathan twist about thirty seconds ahead of time. I even caught the clue - I just thought it was a wry backreference or something...


Apr. 26th, 2007 10:29 pm
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Nice episode, with some actual reveals and plot advancement shock horror. Except for one small niggle.

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EDITED TO ADD: My favourite part of the episode was BIG SPOILERS )
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I just sat through an hour of "Bones" because the advertising heavily emphasised guest-star Stephen Fry. "OMG!" it said. "Stephen Fry! He is in Bones! This is both noteworthy and awesome!"

It turned out that he was in fact an accessory to the soap-opera B-plot[1]. And, given that not a single shot from the trailer was actually in this particular episode, it seems that Mr Fry's psychotherapist character is in fact recurring in nature. Making his appearance neither awesome nor noteworthy. Except inasmuch as it was Stephen Fry, and his delivery remains as engaging and nuanced as ever.

On the other hand, I now have Heroes 1x19 and intend to enjoy.

[1] or possibly C-plot depending on how interesting you rate the other unrelated soap-opera plot. The episode unfolded as follows:
B) Our two leads may have some sexual tension, engage Stephen Fry multiple cameo conflict resolution mode
C) Our two supporting characters are in a relationship ha ha
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Oh, a few quick notes re this week's Doctor Who ...

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Still, it was all good fun and I quite liked the musical number. Loved those wings...

[1] Or "Using human cellular matter and protein chains as raw material from which to grow new Daleks"
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I managed to miss the entirety of Comic Relief on Friday by forgetting it was on and playing Neverwinter Nights (1, I think my PC would break down and cry if I so much as thought about trying to run 2 on it) instead.

(If anyone's interested, I'm playing a Monk, just to see how they play at high levels. It's not great, you basically have to drug up before every boss fight, but there is a certain visceral pleasure to punching out a dragon or a Baatezu Lord.)

However, thanks to the magic of YouTube, I now know that if this politics thing does not work out for Mr Tony Blair, he can always fall back on his acting skills.
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Heroes ep 2:

Didn't see that one coming. I thought the Spoiler ) was just a throwaway visual cue...

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