Am eagerly anticipating the weekend's merriment.

My costume hasn't turned out entirely as planned - the purchased leather jacket proved entirely the wrong cut (appearing more 1920s than 1860s; though entirely suitable for Dirk in his native pulp setting, and reasonably logical for a world in which an aviator culture - albeit one of airships rather than aeroplanes - has developed years early, the waist length just doesn't suit the fashions of the period). Luckily [ profile] diegoliger realised that the tweedy overcoat I keep knocking around would suit perfectly, so all is not lost. However, I remain slightly concerned that the knee-length grey coat may seem very similar to that of my Serenity LRP character (who also wears a knee-length grey coat, though of a modern lightweight fabric). That, and the American accent.

In fact, on reflection, as far as skills and abilities go, on paper they are quite uncomfortably similar. Both are pilots and capable in hand-to-hand combat. I console myself that they arrived from different directions, both in backstory and conception - Lee Shaw began as a curious busybody who liked to go places and see new things, and picked up piloting skills to get him there and combat skills to get away from it; Dirk was a fist-fightin' airman from the beginning. Even in terms of combat style, Lee's quick-witted and precise where Dirk simply hits incredibly hard. So they're very different people in my head ... I just hope I can make that apparent.

If nothing else, I'll be aiming for a South'n accent instead of my generic Barrowman. And anyway, I'll be wearing a different hat. Fingers crossed...
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Everyone is all excited about this-or-that Age of Conans and Warhammer Beta Bla Di Bla games that are coming out and stuff.

Me, I'm more intrigued by this "On The Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness" offering.

Four Gods wait on the windowsill,
Where eight Gods once did war and will,
And if the Gods themselves may die,
What does that say for you and I?

Bullet points while I'm here:

  • Saw Iron Man; it was good
  • Had a wisdom tooth extracted; am reasonably certain pliers were involved
  • [ profile] batelf got older; there was much rejoicing
  • Read The Pearls That Were His Eyes; it was quite entertaining but hard to rate objectively, being as how I have some passing familiarity with the source materials.

More in-depth reviews may be forthcoming, or not.
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For those LARPers who have yet to welcome [ profile] diegoliger into their electro-bosom (ie, LJ "friend"-list), and are interested in a little bit of cyber- and/or steam-punkery, I direct thee hither.

Ooh. Shiny.
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Come on. You know you want to. Steam-powered zeppelins! Unruly natives! Opressed values! Repressed libidoes! You know it makes sense.
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Now with Vitascope technology! Images that move - nay, that live!

Victoriana! needs You!

And you need Victoriana!. Because you're weak.

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Because it needs to be said:

Only three weeks left to book for VICTORIANA!

Act out your pulp fantasies at VICTORIANA!

VICTORIANA! has rollicking brasspunk adventure! Airships! Tea! Crumpets! And Cricket!

Expand the boundaries of human knowledge with mad unconventionally brilliant scientists at VICTORIANA!

Meet Prince Nuri of Tajikistan at VICTORIANA!

Fully catered! Indoor accommodation! Natty suits! Corsetry! VICTORIANA!

Indiana Jones was a poufter.
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If you like pulp action-adventure serials

If you like mad scientists and giant brass clockwork steam zeppelins

If you like Adventure!

If you like my pretty face

If you are a fan of Good Times and High Rollicking Japes

You will love VICTORIANA

that is all

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