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Ok, this isn't exactly the same; Rory has been researching actual science instead of watching TV, and they do go for one of the options my Doctor dismissed (which is sort of the point of my scene, whimsy over hard SF). But it's thematically similar enough to be really quite vexing.

Also startling, as I've had that scene rattling around in my head for a year or more. What are the odds it would make it into the show like a week after I finally sit down and write it?

Stupid psychic writers.

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My thoughts on Mr David Tennant's final trip in the TARDIS can be found on Twitter (#theEndOfTime, in case I can be bothered working out how to link to a single Twitter account's hashtag stream). Fundamentally: Decent, but massively self-indulgent at the end. The last 20 minutes literally does nothing but celebrate RTD's tenure as script editor.

And what happened to that plot about the Ood developing too quickly? Where did that go?

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Open Invite

Jan. 1st, 2010 01:55 pm
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Anyone fancy coming around for tea and biscuits and Doctor Who?

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Borders uk has gone into administration. Ant has a £30 gift card; they're accepting them, but only as 50% of any given transaction. That means we have to spend £60 on books to use the card. Given that they're also having a clearance sale (up to 50% off), that's a potential £120 of books we have to buy.

Anybody want any books?

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EDITED TO ADD: We went to the shop on Sunday and quite easily spent the requisite £60 on ourselves. (Most of the shop, particularly the more popular things such as the graphic novels that I was interested in, was only 20% off. I think Ant got a few good deals, though, being after some of the more esoteric things rooted in history and theology etc...) No longer accepting requests!

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