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"Note: Over-the-air Notes syncing is not supported on iPhone 3G or iPod touch (2nd generation)."

Yes. Yes, it is. The iPhone 3G and iPod touch (2nd generation) are totally capable of supporting this feature. There's no reason why this perfectly simple data transaction would be beyond the sturdy little iPhone 3G and/or iPod touch (2nd generation). In fact, for about a week after iOS4 rolled out, my iPod Touch (2nd generation) was happily syncing[1] notes without my telling it. Then with the next update it went away, because Apple had decided that this flavour was perhaps too EXTREME for a mere second-class citizen like myself.

This is not a question of hardware limitations or compatibility, Apple, and don't try to imply that it is by way of your ambiguous "not supported" phrase. It's only not supported because you've decided they should not support it. This is another clear example of you arbitrarily withholding a feature from your customers purely in order to get us to buy the newer model.

There goes any sense of brand loyalty I may have had. So, these HTC Desires, then...

[1] "Sync" is a word which is here used to mean "backup", as it only works in one direction - it makes a copy of your notes on your mail server. Handy for copy-and-pasting into another application on your PC, I guess.
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It is a time of great financial upheval.

Not commuting to Macclesfield: good.
Ant off work: plusungood.
Got a raise: doubleplusgood.
Every bill in the world arriving at once: doubleplusungood.

I'm really hoping this was just a badly timed month ... and will probably be buying fewer toys in the near future.

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Developer: Hey let's do ABC!
Client: No I want to do CBA.
Developer: Uh okay that is technically possible but will be a lot of work.
Client: Good good. Let's go.

Client: Wow this is a lot of work. Hey, would it be possible to do ABC instead?
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I am totally thinking about selling up my XBox and jumping ship to the PS3 boat, partly for the Blue Ray but mostly because Microsoft refuse to even consider the notion of a free BBC iPlayer.

It's not so much that I am desperate for a BBC player (I can get it on my computer and even on my iPod touch), though it would be nice to get it on the TV. No, it's more the way that allowing their users to get any sort of functionality out of their console without turning it into a revenue stream is just so completely outside their business model. It gives you some real insight into how they think of their customers.

Fair enough for in-game DCL, I guess, but when you realise they want you pay to download game-based themes - which is, essentially, the privilege of plastering advertising all over the brief interstitial screen between turning your console on and actually doing whatever it is you want to do with it - it's just sad.
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Apropos of

We have spoken to Sanderson James; apparently the way the insurance process works is:
- Sanderson James ask the Insurers to set up the policy;
- the Insurers send details to the Tenant;
- the Tenant then informs Sanderson James of any areas in which the property does not meet the details of the policy, and SJ then make the appropriate improvements.

So, as far as SJ are concerned, the fault is ours for not asking them to upgrade the locks.

As it happens, we never received the policy details by post. Indeed, for the first five months of our tenancy we could not get at our post, since nobody could find a key to it. When we did get in to the post, however, no communication regarding the insurance could be found.

SJ are of the opinion that it was our responsibility to expect said communication, and contact them when it did not materialise.

I should probably mention that, having acquired a copy of the documentation from SJ this afternoon, it does turn out to contain all the statutory details mentioned by others. So it's looking increasingly as though we have nobody to point the finger at. Except possibly the Royal Mail for not delivering our documents, or Sanderson James for not letting us know to expect said documentation. I suspect, however, that they could successfully argue that we should have taken more of an interest in our own affairs.

Still. I maintain that when your estate agent offers to insure your contents, your contents will then be insured. There's an implied level of responsibility, which they do not seem willing to take.

We will be communicating with Ant's family lawyer as soon as is reasonably practicable but my general sense is that we are going to fall through the cracks of mishandling and incompetence.
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Yes T-Mobile I am aware I have gone over my Fair Use Policy[1].

Yes I am aware this means that between the hours of four PM and midnight you will only allow me to use your network via the HTTP protocol.

Yes I do know that this will only last until the start of the next calendar month.


I wouldn't mind if they did it, say, the first request after 4pm, or the first request every browser session. For that matter, it wouldn't be so very intrusive if the "Please click to continue browsing" actually allowed you to, say continue browsing - ie, forwarded you to the page you originally requested - rather than just presenting a nigh-sarcastic "Oh thanks bye" message and forcing you to find your own way back to the page you actually want to see, which can be a chore since (having been redirected away from it) the page doesn't actually appear in your browser history.

I know they want to discourage people from going over their FUP (as, by definition, this suggests you have not been Using it Fairly), but this manner of inept and intrusive notification is not only irritating in the extreme but also puts the lie to their own Policy's insistence that "you´ll continue to be able to browse the web and use web-based email accounts". At any moment while using these services you may find your service interrupted and - for example - the email you were composing lost to the ether.


[1] See previous posts. It's not a Fair Use Allowance, or "The bandwidth specified under our Fair Use Policy", or anything such. In some way, the amount of bandwidth you are allowed in some way is the Fair Use Policy.
[2] Actually it seems to be more or less arbitrary - though it is likely related to time (say, once a minute) or some other less transparent internal system variable. Actually, it would probably be more acceptable if it was in some way predictable.
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The Internet rumour mill is a terrible thing. I can't remember exactly where I read that the BBC were planning an '11 Doctors' special for Children in Need, but at the time I took it as a reliable, factual report. Only now that I look around for more news do I realise the original report came from the Daily Mirror, leading me to believe the report may be somewhat less reliable than previously believed.

Of course it's entirely possible that I originally read it somewhere more reputable; the Telegraph, for example, has apparently begun reporting other people's stories as news without actually doing any independent research or corroboration. See for example "CLAIRE BLOOM TO STAR AS MOTHER OF DOCTOR WHO says the Daily Mail though we can't verify it" and "GILLIAN ANDERSON CAST AS THE RANI according to the Daily Express but that's all we know".

Telegraph, you fail at news.
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Am ver' disappointed with Shrek the Third game.

The earlier Shrek II on PS2 (which I enjoyed courtesy of [ profile] ajon) was very much multiplayer-oriented; the four characters on the screen could be taken control of at any time by 1-4 players, and each character's special abilities were required at some stage of the game[1]. It was fun and pretty and engaging and even a little challenging at times.

Shrek the Third is none of those things. Though I admit I've only played it for about five minutes, the graphics appear simplistic[2] and the gameplay facile. Most egregiously, the main game is single-player only, with the multiplayer aspect being relegated to some mini-games[3]. Considering I bought the game purely because it seemed to be one of the rare X360 multiplayer games, this is somewhat annoying. (Kung-Fu Panda did the same, advertised "1-2 players" yet separated the "1" from the "2", but at least it had the redeeming feature of actually looking pretty darn smooth.)

Unfortunately I don't think I have the receipt - I bought it a few weeks ago and only just tricked persuaded Ant to have a go - so I'm not sure what to do with it. Sell it on to Game, maybe...

[1] A model used in many a modern 1P/2P game, such as Army of Two, Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon and the various the Lego [Franchise] games. It's a model with a number of good points, not least of which is that it's easier for the game designers, though it does mean you need to at least think about devising some AI for the computer player that takes over when the game's running with fewer than the full complement of players.
[2] I note that the game appears to have been released on the Xbox 360, Wii and PS2. The thought occurs that maybe - maybe - the developers developed for the lower-spec' systems, and just spruced the lighting up a bit for the X360. Seriously, the title screen almost looks 8-bit. After the sleek visuals of The Force Unleashed it's a bit of a shock.
[3] That said, according to the Gamespot review, the tower mini-game is actually the best thing about the game. Maybe I should be grateful I don't have to wade through the rest of the drivel to get to it.
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Zac Efron was born in 1987.

In 2006 he starred in Highsical Musical; Efron was 19 (or, charitably, 18 during filming). Since the second movie covers summer and the third his senior year, one can deduce that here he is portraying a 16-17 year old. (Unless the character had to repeat a year. Never having seen the movie, I don't know how specific the script is on this point.) This is fair enough.

Three years later he's 21, and is appearing in a movie titled "17 Again", one of those tired age-change movies that have been knocking around since 1976. Apparently Efron plays Matthew Perry reduced to 17. There's just one problem.


Even with the magic of Photoshop, the movie posters can't disguise the fact that he's over twenty. I realise it's common practice to cast young-looking older actors as high school students (cue anecdote about Xander from Buffy having to shave between takes), but Efron is maturing steadily. They seem to be relying on the public's memory of HSM to counteract the fact of his mawkish, fifteen-foot-tall, twenty-year-old face smiling beatifically down at them. He's a pretty twenty-year-old, but undeniably into his third decade.

Evidently his character has a malfunctioning pituitary gland, or is on steroids, or something.

On a tangentially related point I am interested to see that - it says here - he contributed to Firefly (appearing briefly as the young Simon Tam). So I do in fact own some Efron footage. Wait, do I? I'm pretty sure I bought it at some point but I can't remember seeing it recently. Hum, maybe I left it at [ profile] bacony's...
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Have picked up two Super Furry Animals albums from Tesco for £4, 'Guerilla' and 'Rings Around The World'. I mention this purely to win [ profile] arwel's approval and esteem.

Am quite tired today, lamp outside our window (which has, for the last year or so, been intermittently clicking thanks to a broken motion sensor) decided it was time to ramp things up a notch, and began a dedicated buzz. Thankfully after only a couple of hours I was able to block the noise out by trying to smother myself with a pillow.
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T-Mobile have just sent me a second text to remind me that from at point in the near future they will stop sending paper bills and everyone will have to check their bill online.

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"We do like the design," said the client, which was probably for the best, since the site was due to go live and they'd been using it in development for three months and had somehow managed not to see the design, apparently, until this point.
"However," they continued, "we find that we are required to request a trivial change in order to maintain our sense of involvement.
"We would like to change this orange for one three shades lighter, making the text harder to see.
"And we would like this change to take place on every image throughout the site.
"By tomorrow."
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So my 'upgrade' period has arrived with T-Mobile; I can choose between a £5 monthly discount (by keeping my old phone) or a brand new phone for anywhere between FREE and £369.99 (that one's actually a fancy PDA CoPilot thing).

Out of interest, I decided to look into the feasibility of purchasing my new object of avarice, the Razr2[1] (or V8 if you prefer). Apparently, if I take advantage of their very generous upgrade deals, I could acquire one for as little as £119.99.

That's a reduction of a whole ten pounds from the pay as you go deal. Amazing!

I think I'd do better to go for the £5 off, wait a few months for the price to fall, get a PAYG and switch the SIMs around...

[1] Yes I know it's got a crappy interface and low specs and is generally rubbish, but it's pretty and I want one.

Nerd rage

Feb. 8th, 2008 01:58 pm
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Something about the components I installed yesterday (or the way I installed them) caused my PC to migrate from "occasionally unstable" (unexpected restart once a month or so) to "cripplingly plagued" (total system freeze within an hour of turning it on). I don't know, maybe I dislodged the memory, or something's touching something that shouldn't, or something. Either way, buying a new core system is suddenly markedly more enticing than it was.

(Is it likely to be one of the new components? All I put in was a new DVD-RW, a boxed Netgear wireless network card and a new fan. Anyone?)

What's holding me back right now is the motherboard. All I want is a reasonably cheap (~£40) Core 2 Duo-supporting S775 board with 2 IDE sockets that will take up to 4GB of memory. (This last is optional. I'm not planning on putting that much in to begin with, but it's nice to futureproof.) It's like IDE connections are going out of fashion. Which, you know, fair enough, but still, it's important (to me) for me to be able to connect both my optical drives and the old hard disk, at least to begin with. And ideally I'd like to continue to use the HD at least for storage backup - I don't see 100GB of storage as something you simply throw away.

Pricing rants aside, I'd be tempted to just buy this on the basis that it will definitely all work together, except it's only got 1GB of RAM. And one IDE connection. And it won't tell me what the motherboard is, so I can't buy more RAM myself. But still, it tempts.

EDITED TO ADD: Ah! eBuyer do that thing I've been wondering why people don't do, and suggests compatible (and alternative) hardware. Unfortunately it is genuinely starting to look like the second IDE socket is what they take out to make room for the second core...

EDITED TO ADD EDITED TO ADD: Oh, it's the wireless network card. Taking it out allowed the system to run for 2+ hours without difficulty; returning it caused immediate apoplectic fits. Am downloading new drivers. Using the faulty network card. May be some time.

Am just stepping out.
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On my PDA (when I IM from it) I use Agile mobile messenger, primarily because it was the first PDA IM app I found that did multi-service chat. I have this installed on the 1Gb memory card instead of the pitiful 3Mb onboard memory.

Today when I fired it up it demanded it be allowed to install an upload. It did this, automatically on the onboard memory, and then informed me that it was a trial program now, and would die in 7 days.



Dec. 7th, 2006 11:59 am
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Unless I've misread this, if I were to take out a new contract with T-Mobile (on more or less the same price plan), I'd be able to get a KRZR free.

Conversely, if I show my loyalty, stick with them and ask to upgrade to the same phone, I'd have to pay them £149 for the privilege. In fact, I'd have to pay £30 just to get a new RAZR (the phone I have now). If I stick with the same handset I get all of a £5/month discount.

I'd always assumed the cost of the phone was factored into the line rental and that. Now I am slightly disillusioned. I'll probably stick with it - the lovely Mr [ profile] nattydreadi's friends and family discount makes it more or less worth it, along with the hassle of changing numbers around - but I was rather looking forward to a shiny new phone. Oh well, easy come.
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A month on, and I still think about Phil. A lot.

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What did you do at work today, Timmy? Why, I opened 120 PDFs in Photoshop and resized them and saved them as JPGs because some fucker only has the images for his product catalogue as PDFs for some reason.
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For such a massive internet presence, the Penny Arcade news-comic linking process seems somewhat lacking. In fact, it is somewhat aggravating.

When the links on the front page started turning up as just /comic/, I assumed it was some kind of auto-generated thing, that a news post on the front page links to "current comic" and updates to a direct link once it's been archived.

This makes sense, since apparently they do not like people direct linking to the comic's page until it's moved into the archive. Try, for example, linking to today's comic, though obviously that'll start working when the new comic appears on Monday. This in itself aggravates me, since I occasionally feel the urge to share some nugget of comicky goodness with the world on the day it is published rather than waiting a few days, but I can at least see their reasoning.

However, I note that archived news posts retain their stupid current comic link. This aggravates me. It's a stupid aggravation, I know - there's a proper link to the comic at the bottom of the page, and anyway it's a webcomic - but it offends my sensibilities that you can click on a link saying "this comic" and be taken to an entirely different comic. It smacks of wooly thinking and inattention to detail.

People just don't think.


Mar. 13th, 2006 11:46 pm
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After spending so long dithering about what to do with this Maelstrom downtime, the submission deadline apparently rolled past without notice some weeks ago. This means my character will be doing random tasks, and will once again be a day more than a downtime short of learning a new skill. If only I hadn't randomly removed the "learn skill" action as soon as downtimes opened. Or the system was intelligent enough to add it again. Or the new news system had got to the point of sending emails out before the deadline loomed, rather than after. Oh well.

That'll teach me not to wait for the email notifications of approaching deadlines. Just because it happened last year...

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