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Hey check me out, a million hits! And it only took me three years. Actually it's verging on 1.1 mil. Cameoing Mindmistress certainly seems to have boosted traffic ... although actually, maybe not by as much as all that.

It's still odd to me that I have readers, let alone faithful ones.
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Is it a good sign that I'm making the same jokes as Grant Morrison made twenty years ago?

I'm pretty damn certain I've never seen that before.
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Further Googlage has revealed a glowing review of Special School.

My head is quite big right now.
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I actually feel kind of bad that if you search on Google for Special School the fourth result is some stupid comic.

Only a little though.
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Phil (the definite ex) yesterday mentioned that he had been chatting to somebody random online who began to proselytise for this great web comic that they had found.

It was called "Special School".

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I wrote a post about some old character designs and couldn't decide whether to post it here or in [ profile] specialschool.

In the end I decided to post it there, and link to it from here.
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-This week's Special Schools have been completed and uploaded; there is naughtiness. And nippleage.
-[ profile] stsquad has finally bowed to popular opinion[1] and bought a big-ass TV. It is good.
-Serenity LRP Event 2 is on its way; bookings are open now for crew from the previous event (like me) and will be in two weeks for everybody else. I am thinking of going, is anyone else? Fancy a lanky long-haired hanger-on?

That is all

[1] mine
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Not too long ago, somebody asked which character out of [ profile] specialschool was me, and was it Manny. Well, really, none of them are - at least not intentionally. There's obviously the small matter than all the characters are created by me, and thus will reflect my own perceptions to a certain extent. And it's true that Manny is, to a degree, a play on the old running gag that everybody loves Andy. But Manny's not me. Manny's very reliant on his natural ability, and doesn't feel the need to apply hims... er, what I mean is, he may have an effortless charm, but he's forgetful and doesn't have much of a head for na... oh. Well, look at that hair! I never had hair like that.

Today I went through my Mum's PC looking for pictures of me, and found this.

Too cool for my own good

Oh, that hair.

I also found a bunch of other photos, many of which are now in my gallery, including this one which I currently hold to be the finest picture of me in all creation. I'd do me.
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For those confused parties looking for Special School - Spiderforest (the collective) is experiencing Interesting Times, but don't fret, you can still see the comic at my emergency backup reserve website.

For regular updates and special announcements such as this, remember you can subscribe to [ profile] specialschool.


Aug. 30th, 2005 09:42 am
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Alright, upon later examination (after waiting for it to dry overnight) the hair doesn't look so bad. It's still shorter than I would have liked but people have been complimenting it - people who assure me they had read nothing of it in advance - and anyway at least it means it won't need cutting again for ages.

In other news: The SpiderForest collection was successful without me having to shell anything out. Still, I have resuscitated the old KeenSpace site, though what with KeenSpace changing their name the address has changed - it's now I am still considering the options there; ComicGenesis offer a number of addresses, including and, both of which are appealing.

This does not affect the spiderforest site, to which I will still link from [ profile] specialschool.
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Weekend in summary! )

[ profile] wibblefish mentioned he did not know the current Special School address. It is - I should put a note to that effect on the Keenspace site, really. And update the links on my homepage. And maybe do something about that comic dropdown I was part of... anyway, anyone who wants to keep up-to-date with my monstrous creation can subscribe to [ profile] specialschool. (Oh, for reference, here's a link to the most recent strip on the Keenspace site. You can read forward from there if you've not been keeping up.)

That is all.

ETA: Just had my three-month review; mixed feedback. Apparently everybody thinks I'm enormously talented, if only I would apply myself more. This is something I heard right through school. I am simply not motivated. Which is surprising, because I really do enjoy working here and am keen to do right by them. I'm just far too easily distracted...

Net result: Probation extended by three months - they really want to keep me on but aren't yet confident that I will put the work in. On the plus side, boss was making laptop noises this morning.
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Well I guess you've made it when people start stealing your comic.

Note to self, add URL and thievery message to strip template...
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Whew.  Was a bit worried about next week's comics, what with a heavy work schedule and heading away for the weekend - but I got there in the end.  Now, time for bed.

Don't forget - actual comic update announcements will be in [ profile] specialschool.
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Have created [ profile] specialschool. Updates will probably go here. Add to your friends list if you don't want to miss out! There may even be SPECIAL FEATURES though I cannot promise nudity sorry John.
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I'm going to start giving the comic's permalink instead of the site's main address, because I have been annoyed with other comic communities for not doing this in the past. On a related note, would there be demand for a Special School LJ community?

DIRECTOR'S COMMENTARY: Iain is exaggerating here, it was a lot more measured than he suggests. And it was less of a hammer, and more of an industrial pressure-welder. Or something.

In other news: I ordered the phone and it has arrived at my Mum's house in Ilkley. I will try and pick it up some time before Maelfroth (the player pack for which also arrived today, in Manchester - Mum forwarded it on yesterday so that's quite good going). I was able to go for the silver one in the end, which means of course I immediately wished I had the black one. This is my fundamental inferiority complex at work: nothing can be any good if I own it. I will endeavour to be happy with it.

More phones

Jul. 4th, 2005 02:10 pm
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So I'm almost decided on buying the V3 phone. I would probably prefer it in silver[1] but I really don't want to miss out on that three months' half price line rental (before the lovely [ profile] nattydreadi can fix it on permanently) and it's still quite pretty - and at least I won't get it confused with [ profile] cuthrose's.

Now, whether to take the insurance or not. It does take it above £20/month but these things are so very breakable/stealable. On the other hand I've never had one broken/stolen yet ... on the other hand I've not had one quite so shiny before. Will probably go for it.

People will be pleased to know I found time during my hectic weekend[2] to draw more Special School comics so we are good for this week at least. It's tricky, I'm trying to keep a relatively simple style - perhaps even partially evoking Bruce Timm's animated DC style - but it's so very hard. Somebody once said that the fewer lines an artist allows himself, the harder his job becomes ... I just find it very hard to stop drawing.

[1] I might go for on one of the slightly cheaper plans too, because I don't see myself using that many minutes. Of course once I've paid for it I'll probably start trying use the phone exactly 300 minutes every month. This is my mother's influence. Anyway, it's still more expensive for the first 3 months.
[2] I did not get dressed on Sunday, I stayed in my dressing gown all day.


Jul. 1st, 2005 02:26 pm
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There are no jokes in today's Special School, I am sorry.

There is, however, the return of an old friend.  Hopefully at least somebody out there will recognise him.
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So anyway, as I say, I'm planning to register a Special School .com address. Anyone have any advice on who to register with? Hostway seem to be slightly cheaper than UKReg, for example...
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Well now there was something I was going to ... Oh yes! Special School is up. I don't know where this strip came from.

This is the first week that the new strips are only available on SpiderForest. (Maybe I'll put them up on KeenSpace in a kind of staggered format, or something, but the terms of service at SpiderForest say I should only be publishing there. I should really put some kind of message up on the KS site ... and get in touch with the Guardians dropdown about the move, but I'm thinking about registering a domain so maybe I'll leave it until then.)

Come back on Friday for some potential furtherance of the plot, clumsy super power exposition, and the long-foreshadowed return of an old friend. OOH.

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