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Thanks to the lovely mr [ profile] samharber, we now have a monitor and can therefore see the internet again! What a nice man he is. He hides it well, but we know the truth.

For anyone who's interested, here's a full list of the stuff I lost in the recent Troubles.

shopping list )

Like I said, mostly tech, easily replaced (much of it I wasn't even using regularly - especially the DS / MP3 / PDA) and probably not worth more than six to seven hundred quid all in. I'm more annoyed by the backpack and the DVD disc. Oh, and the massive inconvenience of not having a monitor for the PC. But that, at least, has been addressed.

EDITED TO ADD: Note that the above is only what I have lost. We have a much longer list of things stolen from Ant.
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Further to the recent Troubles:

Does anyone (local) have a spare PC monitor that I could borrow for a while? I'm tempted to just run into Comet and grab whatever they have available but I'd really rather spend some time hunting for a good deal (and/or wait until the insurance people cough up). Unfortunately until we have a monitor, the PC is pretty redundant...
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On re-reading my previous post I realise I may have unintentionally given the impression that the things Ant lost were of low monetary value but high emotional significance. I should perhaps note that these personal effects were not only deeply important but also massively valuable, being largely made of silver and/or antique in nature. Family heirlooms and the like.

On the positive side, most of these were monogrammed or instantly recognisable. Further, thanks to my obsessive hoarding of cardboard boxes, it turned out that I had serial numbers for most of the electrical items. I understand the chance of recovery is still slim-to-none, but that has got to be an improvement on 'none'.

(As an aside, the boxes also mean I'm in a better position re the insurance people; much of Ant's stuff was second-hand or gifted, and he has little or no proof that he owns them or even that they exist. I actually feel pretty bad about that - it's like I have been only slightly inconvenienced while Ant's life has been torn apart.)

Sleep, the first night, was scarce and fitful; I kept having those sort of waking dreams where you very strongly imagine that you've got out of bed and spotted something on the floor that you think you've lost, and reach out to pick it up, but then you - not so much "wake up" but - realise that you're still in bed and haven't in fact moved. The sleep paralysis and hallucinations have kicked in, but it doesn't actually feel like sleep as such. Weird. Last night was better, but I still had a very peculiar dream; I got an LJ notification saying that [ profile] pax_draconis had invited me to become his friend on the recommendation of [ profile] averylaterabbit, but when I clicked to accept I was told "pax_draconis is surrounded by a red river of security! We cannot complete your friendship at this time" (or words to that effect - I distinctly remember the 'red river' metaphor though). I remember thinking how daft it was that the system would allow you to invite somebody to do something that your security settings forbade.

And then we slept in, because the beepy alarm is no substitude for a radio alarm clock (for which I had been using the stereo, now departed) - we just went back to sleep.
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We has been burgled! Somebody got in through the outer door without leaving a scratch, then carefully removed the handle to the inner do

ETA: ...or. I got off pretty lightly, considering - i'm down a stereo, a dvd player and an lcd monitor, amongst other obsolete bits of tech i was thinking of upgrading anyway (Mp3 player and pda). Just things, which can be replaced. Ant on the other hand lost a lot of things of tremendous personal significance.

We are physically undamaged.

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