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Everyone is all excited about this-or-that Age of Conans and Warhammer Beta Bla Di Bla games that are coming out and stuff.

Me, I'm more intrigued by this "On The Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness" offering.

Four Gods wait on the windowsill,
Where eight Gods once did war and will,
And if the Gods themselves may die,
What does that say for you and I?

Bullet points while I'm here:

  • Saw Iron Man; it was good
  • Had a wisdom tooth extracted; am reasonably certain pliers were involved
  • [ profile] batelf got older; there was much rejoicing
  • Read The Pearls That Were His Eyes; it was quite entertaining but hard to rate objectively, being as how I have some passing familiarity with the source materials.

More in-depth reviews may be forthcoming, or not.
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Opinions are funny things, aren't they?

I am of the opinion that Human Nature/Family of Blood was some of the finest Who to emerge in recent years (surpassed only by every episode written by Steven Moffatt). A respected friend and avid Who fan of my acquaintance[1], however, is of the opinion that, well, basically and fundamentally, it wasn't a Doctor Who story and if he wanted to watch a period romance between a schoolteacher and compassionately proper school matron, well, that's what he would have done.

(I eagerly await his views on Blink, which has a similar amount of Doctor in it, though vastly less Tennant.)

(Did I mention that I thought Joan was the role for whom Jessica Stephenson was invented? She fit her like a glove, really she did.)

By the same token, I've no doubt that many corners of Who fandom will take issue with this week's Utopia, though it is in essence a story one-third told. Cut for spoilers )

Also this weekend, I went to see the new Fantastic Four movie. I was of the opinion that it was a great improvement on the first, a perfectly presentable action adventure movie with more than a little tongue in cheek. The script was reasonably tight, the effects were solid and convincing and Minor spoilers ) In my opinion it was a well-balanced blend of the source material and the necessary big-screen updates (though Johnny's topless scene was gratuitous and unnecessary and far too brief) - all the best parts of the earlier movie with none of the wretched science (unless you count talk of "cosmic rays" as physics) Slightly larger spoilers )

Many of those with whom I saw it, however, were of the opinion that the film held no redeeming features at all. Which is odd, since in the past we have broadly agreed on the relative merits of various motion pictures. Certainly we universally agreed on the utter, utter hideous abomination that is the new entryway to The Orient at the Trafford Centre - a mockery of taste in brown marble and faux gold and what must surely be the most gross offence to the word "staircase" since records began. Mammon must be pleased indeed.

It is the conclusion of this rambling editorial that It Just Goes To Show.

ASIDE: For more on what I did at the weekend, see here.

[1] Redundant? If he's my friend, of course he's of my acquaintance.
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First, a full and accurate summary of X-Men 3 (no spoilers).

Second, a full and mostly accurate summary of Serenity.

I enjoyed it, though I did sleep a lot and have some interesting bruises and stings. I don't do enough Sci-Fi LRP, and I do have a deep and abiding love for the Firefly universe, so I had a hoot. I should also crew more. I don't think I give enough back to the LRP "community." Though it has been said that my very presence is gift enough.

From a crewing point of view I was marginally disappointed at the 24-hour-time-in nature of the event. Not because crew were headed out to pester the players at all hours - I slept through all that - but because a certain amount of motivation for crewing is to hang out and get drunk with the players after time out. I would like to experience the game from a player point of view, and will try very much to sign up in time for the next game. I am not sure if I would crew again. It was a long way to drive. Maybe if I arranged some sort of car-share setup.

Anyway ... had fun, dressed as cowboy, talked about space technology in awful southern accents[1]. There was no real way it could have gone wrong...

EDITED TO ADD: One thing that amused me was how many Firefly-class ships were present through the game. There was at least one crew with an extant vessel, another who had recently parted company with such a craft, and there was alleged to be another one in Sunday's auction (this turned out not to be the case). Given the scarcity and age of these craft I found this very unlikely IC - but perfectly understandable OOC. ;)

[1] Yes, plural. My recurring engineer character slipped further and further into Owen Wilson, and the dodgy forgery delivery boy was played as Sawyer from Lost. I didn't put that much thought into it at the time, it just happened.
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Last night was great, dinner and a movie with [ profile] myki.  (and [ profile] queenbiff.  But that's not as funny.)

Batman BeyondReturnsBegins is the movie we saw and I enjoyed itSPOILERS ).

I think, personally, I would have made a couple more nods to the eager fans, like maybe giving Young Bruce one or two more friends in the opening sequence, and maybe calling one of them Tommy.  But maybe that would have been too much.

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