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Update: A phone call to T-Mobile has raised my upgrade discount from uh about £90 to £200 (putting the Tocco back inside my Free Shinies window).

I am slightly ashamed that I did allow them to bump me into the next bracket of price plan, but the next bracket comes with Internet included (which I'm currently paying £7 a month for) and also allows me to call 08** numbers out of my allowance. Even if I wasn't on the 50% Employee Call discount it would have been slightly cheaper to take the bump and drop the WebnWalk surcharge - as it is I'm getting a saving of about £5/month. Nonetheless, I suspect this "increase" in service level is what's raised my upgrade bonus.

That's right they're lowering my line rental and giving me a shiny phone for the trouble.

They have also confirmed that there is a Tocco available at Macclesfield's T-Mobile outlet and it is awaiting my arrival. Huzzah!
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What the hell? All my awesome phones have disappeared from the upgrade list! I was going to go and get one today, too. Boo. :(

In other news: Birthday! Am 100000 years old today. Hooray!
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OK this is probably going to be my last whiny post about being offered too many shiny things...

I'm probably going to go for the Tocco because it looks pretty and is small. Yes, I was tempted by the Androidy goodness of the Pulse, but at the end of the day it's about the same size as the I, Phone and I just don't need two objects of that size hanging around my pockets. My I, Pod-Touch will do me just fine for all the Apps and gadgets I fancy (GPS aside, and I have a GPS for that). I just want a phone, and given that Mr T-Mobile is footing the bill I feel I may as well get a phone instead of just taking the shiniest object. Yes, even with the proprietary headphone jack (which would be just as much of a problem with the Pulse, actually).

Also, it apparently rates pretty well against the other contenders.


of course what I really want is a 8910HD but they won't give me one
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Am tempted by Nokia 5800 because it looks like a phone. Does seem a bit music-oriented though.

Samsung Tocco?
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Apparently these days T-Mobile are not allowing people on their employee discount to take the line rental discount instead of a new handset. So I am going to have to allow them to press free toys into my grubby hands. (well, I don't have to, I could just allow the contract to lapse into periodic. But I would be betraying my Yorkshire heritage not to take advantage of their up-to-70-pounds-or-so free phone allowance / discount.)
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Mobile phone contract renewal time has come around again! To recap: Last time I took the £5/month discount, and bought myself a new phone 7 months later, so my current phone is only about a year old. I'm reasonably happy with it, though the screen is getting a bit scratched up (as I always thought would happen with a slide phone - largely because I put it in my pocket with my keys. This is why I always went with a clamshell before). I'm not using the camera very much but it is on occasion useful.

However, T-Mobile are offering me shinies. I can get a T-Mobile Vairy Touch or Samsung Tocco Lite completely free. (Actually, now I check the PAYG prices, the Tocco is marginally more impressive Naturally they're pimping their own T-Mobile phone more than others, but I don't really think a £40 phone is worth giving up the monthly discount.)

In fact this year I'm being offered a £6/month discount if I pass up on the phone, so in a year I'd save more or less what they're asking for the Tocco ... and considering it's an 18-month contract, financially the discount is clearly a better deal.

But ... I'd have toys. I'd have toys now.

Mmmmmm toys.


Sep. 28th, 2009 09:24 am
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Moving continues. New house is awesome, though mobphone reception is patchy. Luckily we have a land line (reminds me - must ring BT).

Considering ADSL. Consulting lazyweb. Recommended providers?

We now have two weekday evenings to separate the rest of our crap from the old flat. We might even do it. Not sure. Trying to get tomorrow off work...


Nov. 10th, 2008 01:56 pm
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I am reminded that the Razr2 V8 (the model on sale on the T-Mobile website) is the version that doesn't have the memory card expansion slot, and moreover it's not even the V8 with 2Gb of on-board memory. Maybe I will talk to the nice people in the T-Mobile shop about this.
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I was definitely going off the idea of the Razr2. Yes, it's beautiful, yes it remains a lust object but logically - the main reasons I go for clamshell phones are a) the main screen is protected on the inside so you can put it in your pocket, and b) the keys are on the inside so you don't have to lock them. The Razr2 has a big-ass screen on the outside and touch-sensitive keys so it kind of defeats the object. Also the two big screens apparently drain the battery much more quickly than the singular screen of a slide phone. (I initially looked down on the slidy phones as a bit gimmicky but when you've got clamshells with a screen on the outside as big as on the inside, the slide design becomes a lot more sensible.)

Plus, of course, there are the standard disclaimers that the Motorola O/S is just not as good as its contemporaries. I can live with that, but I am aware that there are better ones out there.

However ...

... they're now less than £100 and I have a birthday coming up.

teeeeempting. The preciousssss.


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