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Just seen an advertisement for spot cream. At the bottom of the animation of tiny scrubbing brushes and steam irons removing the zit, there was a disclaimer.

"DRAMATIZATION - use only as directed."

I despair.
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So, on Saturday two boys were rushed to hospital with severe burns after throwing petrol on a barbecue. Terrible accident, obviously very sad. In this follow-up report, one of the boys' mothers is quoted as saying:
"Unless people realise just the dangers that are involved, there are going to be other families this summer who will end up in hospital with children - and that's a bad place to be."

You heard it here first.


Honestly, I despair of the human race sometimes.
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For such a massive internet presence, the Penny Arcade news-comic linking process seems somewhat lacking. In fact, it is somewhat aggravating.

When the links on the front page started turning up as just /comic/, I assumed it was some kind of auto-generated thing, that a news post on the front page links to "current comic" and updates to a direct link once it's been archived.

This makes sense, since apparently they do not like people direct linking to the comic's page until it's moved into the archive. Try, for example, linking to today's comic, though obviously that'll start working when the new comic appears on Monday. This in itself aggravates me, since I occasionally feel the urge to share some nugget of comicky goodness with the world on the day it is published rather than waiting a few days, but I can at least see their reasoning.

However, I note that archived news posts retain their stupid current comic link. This aggravates me. It's a stupid aggravation, I know - there's a proper link to the comic at the bottom of the page, and anyway it's a webcomic - but it offends my sensibilities that you can click on a link saying "this comic" and be taken to an entirely different comic. It smacks of wooly thinking and inattention to detail.

People just don't think.
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There was a character in Nicholas Fisk's "Starstormers" books called Ispex (because, IIRC, he wore eye-spectacles). Wearing glasses, obviously he was the intelligent one of the bunch. He spent a lot of time berating other people for not using their brains properly.

"People just don't think," he would say.

I am saying it to myself more and more these days.
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You know what annoys me? The shortening of "Terrorism" to "Terror".

There's some discussion in the media regarding "Anti-terror" laws, such as this ban on glorifying terror. I don't see that anyone would actually glorify terror. Terrorism, maybe, but not terror. "Crikey, I love to be terrified! Hooray for terror, fear is awesome! Let's all be scared, like the cool kids are!"

On a not entirely unrelated note, during last night's long drive to Bolton I rolled my eyes at the Radio One coverage of the public smoking ban to be brought in next summer. Every news bulletin they had soundbites from two people: a member of the pro-smoking group Forest, who was against the ban, and a spokesperson from Cancer Research UK, who supported it.

Let me reiterate that. It was considered newsworthy that a pro-smoking group was pro-smoking, and an anti-smoking group was anti-smoking.

People just don't think.

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