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Hurm. Skimming the ALL NEW ALL DIFFERENT SoS rules, because I'm thinking about going this month, and I've already spotted stuff I'm wary of in just the basics section. Being a LARPer, I shall bitch about this in my personal journal rather than mentioning it to the relevant people.

The One Second Rule: Doesn't that make the Off Hand Use skills next to pointless? It's a great idea in Maelstrom, where skills are few and combat is greatly streamlined, but there you don't pay for basic use and all the modifier skills apply to all your hands. You can be holding as many weapons as you like and still only attack once a second, so making people pay to be able to hold extra weapons seems obtuse. Since the main point of the changes was to reduce the number of skills, it would seem to me that dropping the Off Hand Use skills would be a logical companion to the One Second Rule.

Spell Vocals are now apparently four lines no matter what level of spell you're casting ("Normal casting is where the character recites the appropriate vocals for the spell (typically about 4 lines, each line containing 4/5 Syllables)"), where before it varied with level of spell. I'm not sure if this is an accidental omission or intentional, or even if people will remember (LRPers being notorious for playing the rules as they remember them rather than as they actually are or have ever been). If it's a keeper, I'll miss rattling off those long vocals for the high level spells.

I'm not initially impressed with the layout of the rules themselves, as that "basics" page is overly long and imposing and the skill costs really should be displayed next to the names (having to click into each one to check costs is aggravating), and the tone varies between overly technical and overly simplistic. Also the lack of text style and/or formatting is slightly off-putting, but that could just be my web design sensibilities.

Other gripes:
  • There's far too much detail on the reproductive cycle of the new cow people, especially as compared to the other races, which mention it not at all.
  • Spell descriptions still contain reference to spells that no longer exist.
  • There don't appear to be appreciably fewer spell tables, and WTF, Elemental Summoning, no.
  • Things aren't as good as they were in my day
  • "Glossary is confusing and incomplete
  • These kids today, with their "For Shizzle McFizzley Ding Dong Dizzle" Snoopy Dog language and their general disrespect towards their elders

So, slightly apprehensive, but I'll probably give it a go, sure why not.


Oct. 20th, 2006 10:02 am
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Okay, I've not said anything since the first announcement, but I'm having a party tomorrow.

It is to celebrate 10 years in Manchester - I arrived as a tallow student* in Autumn 1996 and they haven't managed to get rid of me yet. This also marks a decade of knowing many of my good friends, as I met them through WARPED and LARS (university sci-fi and LRP societies, respectively) in the first few weeks of term. I love you all.

Costume is optional. It is perhaps worth clarifying that it is costume that is optional, not clothing. Come dressed as something I like, and if I've got something related to it on DVD we may watch it. Or we may not - it's not explicitly a TV party. Turn up for music, video, light conversation and copious quantities of alcohol. Bring your own alcohol.

Anyway, I mention it now mostly to provide directions )

Those who have visited Chez Bennée before may be somewhat thrown that the door has changed; it is no longer green, it is now white and has no number. I include a photograph of the new door under the cut, for reasons of visual recognition.

Door Number 2 )

If anyone's still confused, let me know.

Doors will be open from about 7.30 onwards, there is a reasonable amount of crash space (a bed or two, a few mattresses and a couple of Budda Bags for the brave). See you there!

* Callow. CALLOW.
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A month on, and I still think about Phil. A lot.



Apr. 24th, 2006 10:47 am
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Hey everybody! I have found my old NTL imagestore. Look, look! Pictures of everybody looking young and slim and blond.

(I've always liked that picture of [ profile] bacony because it captures the essence of Stephanie Mallory - enthusiastic, determined, and in flight.)

EDIT: Actually, the thought occurs that this icon is from about the same period. GBIV was, what, around 2002? Apropos of nothing, really...
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Ahh, the wonderful internet. How else would we find letters pages from fifteen-year-old issues of Transformers magazine?

This little nugget is from early 1989, so I would have been all of eleven years old. Wasn't I a little git?

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