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So my 'upgrade' period has arrived with T-Mobile; I can choose between a £5 monthly discount (by keeping my old phone) or a brand new phone for anywhere between FREE and £369.99 (that one's actually a fancy PDA CoPilot thing).

Out of interest, I decided to look into the feasibility of purchasing my new object of avarice, the Razr2[1] (or V8 if you prefer). Apparently, if I take advantage of their very generous upgrade deals, I could acquire one for as little as £119.99.

That's a reduction of a whole ten pounds from the pay as you go deal. Amazing!

I think I'd do better to go for the £5 off, wait a few months for the price to fall, get a PAYG and switch the SIMs around...

[1] Yes I know it's got a crappy interface and low specs and is generally rubbish, but it's pretty and I want one.
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I'll be getting the KRZR upgrade off my mum for christmas.

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As [ profile] morningstar_lj linked here:
"T-Mobile UK has suspended its half-price employee line rental benefit package following reports of abuse."

The forum link on that article appears to be dead, but Google sees all, knows all. Certainly it seems that theregister's info is at least slightly out of date - shop front employees haven't been able to abuse the privilege for at least six months (back in June paw83 posted "We retail staff can't put people on our own friends and family accounts now anyway.. If the contract is sold in our name, they won't allow it to be put on for the first 18 months").

It's not immediately clear whether this means they're cancelling any and all benefactors of the package or just not allowing any more to be handed out (while honouring existing arrangements). Anyone have any insight?
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Hmm, this is temptingly free, and better than my current phone on a number of points.

That is all
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Hmm, looks like the deals on the My T-Mobile page are going to oscillate. "Upgrading" to a replacement V3 handset is currently free. I am, in point of fact, tempted. Staying with my slightly battered 18-month-old one is worth £5/month off my bill[1] but I'd have a shiny new handset. Ooooh.

I'm also tempted to shell out the £50 they're asking to go for the V3i, which has a 516MB memory card (instead of the 5MB that the V3 is limited to) and video capture capabilities. It pays for this by being a bit chunkier, but hey.

Alternatively for £70 I could go for the V3 DG, which is identical to my current V3 but coloured gold and carrying the Dolce-Gabana logo. Hmm ... maybe not.

[1] Actually that depends on whether this is applied before or after the 50% discount is calculated.


Dec. 7th, 2006 11:59 am
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Unless I've misread this, if I were to take out a new contract with T-Mobile (on more or less the same price plan), I'd be able to get a KRZR free.

Conversely, if I show my loyalty, stick with them and ask to upgrade to the same phone, I'd have to pay them £149 for the privilege. In fact, I'd have to pay £30 just to get a new RAZR (the phone I have now). If I stick with the same handset I get all of a £5/month discount.

I'd always assumed the cost of the phone was factored into the line rental and that. Now I am slightly disillusioned. I'll probably stick with it - the lovely Mr [ profile] nattydreadi's friends and family discount makes it more or less worth it, along with the hassle of changing numbers around - but I was rather looking forward to a shiny new phone. Oh well, easy come.
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I'm going to start giving the comic's permalink instead of the site's main address, because I have been annoyed with other comic communities for not doing this in the past. On a related note, would there be demand for a Special School LJ community?

DIRECTOR'S COMMENTARY: Iain is exaggerating here, it was a lot more measured than he suggests. And it was less of a hammer, and more of an industrial pressure-welder. Or something.

In other news: I ordered the phone and it has arrived at my Mum's house in Ilkley. I will try and pick it up some time before Maelfroth (the player pack for which also arrived today, in Manchester - Mum forwarded it on yesterday so that's quite good going). I was able to go for the silver one in the end, which means of course I immediately wished I had the black one. This is my fundamental inferiority complex at work: nothing can be any good if I own it. I will endeavour to be happy with it.

More phones

Jul. 4th, 2005 02:10 pm
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So I'm almost decided on buying the V3 phone. I would probably prefer it in silver[1] but I really don't want to miss out on that three months' half price line rental (before the lovely [ profile] nattydreadi can fix it on permanently) and it's still quite pretty - and at least I won't get it confused with [ profile] cuthrose's.

Now, whether to take the insurance or not. It does take it above £20/month but these things are so very breakable/stealable. On the other hand I've never had one broken/stolen yet ... on the other hand I've not had one quite so shiny before. Will probably go for it.

People will be pleased to know I found time during my hectic weekend[2] to draw more Special School comics so we are good for this week at least. It's tricky, I'm trying to keep a relatively simple style - perhaps even partially evoking Bruce Timm's animated DC style - but it's so very hard. Somebody once said that the fewer lines an artist allows himself, the harder his job becomes ... I just find it very hard to stop drawing.

[1] I might go for on one of the slightly cheaper plans too, because I don't see myself using that many minutes. Of course once I've paid for it I'll probably start trying use the phone exactly 300 minutes every month. This is my mother's influence. Anyway, it's still more expensive for the first 3 months.
[2] I did not get dressed on Sunday, I stayed in my dressing gown all day.
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Am looking (hesitantly) at the possibility of going onto a mobile phone contract.

The current trend with the T-Mobile contracts appears to be to offer double the call time for six months and half the line rental for three.  While this may or may not be a great deal, it has the unfortunate side effect that after six months you're paying twice the price for half as much ... not in fact a great motivator.

Still, in T-Mobile's favour is that one can browse their site by price plan, rather than by phone, which is something that Vodafone appear to lack.  No I don't want to select a phone first.  No I don't.  Take it away.  Let me determine how much I want to pay in a month, then show me what handsets are available on those deals.  Fuckers.
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Hmm. Is it just me, or are T-Mobile the most shit for Pay-As-You-Go tariffs?
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I love my mum.

I rang her this afternoon, so that she could tell me not to buy a new mobile phone - I'd just been into the T-Mobile shop to have a gander and the thought struck me that I could basically afford it so what the hell, but I knew it was frivolous and impulsive so I gave her a call to confirm.  I was expecting her to tell me not to be so silly and that was far too much to fritter away on a luxury product, but instead she asked whether it was the best deal and noted that I'd still be able to afford it in a few days.

Since I rang her she's been scouring the internet checking out price plans and working out where I could buy the same phone for less (or even a better one).  She is great like that; when something takes her interest she'll spend hours beavering away, looking it up.


On a related note, if anyone has any thoughts about phones, models to buy and where to buy them from, I'd welcome them.  I'm after a clamshell/hinged/flippy phone[1] with a built-in camera and preferably some way of transferring pictures onto a PC (either bluetooth or cable) otherwise what's the point of the camera.  I'd also welcome input on networks - I'm on T-Mobile pay-as-you-go at the moment and it's quite expensive, but I do want to keep my number.

[1] I find them more ergonomic to use; there is less chance of forgetting to lock the keypad; they are satisfying to snap shut at the end of a call; they look more like Star Trek communicators.

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