Mar. 3rd, 2009 12:30 pm
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I tend to think I come off about 50/50 in photos; half the time I look like a hideous, gormless lopsided golem, and the other half I seem to somehow mutate into something that could reasonably pass for a semi-attractive human man. (It's probably a trick of the light, or a special photoshop filter, or something. "Filter / Distort / Make Prettier ..." Considering I have fooled at least one person into finding me not entirely offensive to the eye, I suspect the former.)

New icon comes from this weekend's Artificer, by way of Mr Craig Allen and his marvellous box of phototrickery (actually I took the icon from the Facebook gallery, which seems to have rather warmer colours. I don't know if the Flickr one went through a wash, or Facebook's was made brighter, but it just appealed slightly more to my eye.

Check out rugged me, grrr.
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I love it when you look over your shoulder to check out that guy who just smiled at you and realise he's doing the same to you.
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[ profile] kneeshooter's CoC pics are up! I'm in there, though I didn't actually see Mr White outside of GOD. Let's hear it for stealth photographers!

This is the only other one of me I've managed to find, by [ profile] notdan. I must be slipping. Note to self: Make more photographers fall in love with self.

Maelstrom Gallery Huntage is no longer the chore it used to be thanks to the lovely Oxford Girl, who maintains a link archive - largely for her own convenience, I understand, but she's been good enough to throw it open for everyone's use. What a nice lady.

While I'm here I feel I must make special mention of the Giant-Sized Man-Thing! Whatever knows fear burns at the Man-Thing's touch.
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Ah! I have finally got around to perusing the lovely [ profile] kneeshooter's Declaration pics and what do I spy? Not one, not two but three pictures of me looking drunk, pensive and baffled by turns! The makeup appears to have held up, so expect one or more of them to become icons in short order.

It was brought to my attention at this event that while others scan the photos wondering if they will feature in this season's gallery, my mindset is more one of how many times and how good do I look. (Usually quite good, which I attribute to Mr White's photographic ability and quality control. Compare the third shot to this one, where I look like a sad git with too much hair and makeup that's rubbing off.) And it must be confessed - this is indeed how I approach the Disturbing gallery, and I had rather lost sight of the fact that others are not similarly ubiquitous. But given a four-figure attendance, and the mere 133 photos presented, in retrospect it seems self-evident.

Still, I feel the reason for this pictorial blessing is hardly specific to myself, as there are plenty of (multiple) images of others of Mr White's acquaintance. Witness the many faces of [ profile] nattydreadai, [ profile] arwel and indeed pretty much all of the White Lions - my favourite perhaps being this gem, which is just all sorts of awwww.

I suppose it just goes to show ... hum ... Oh, I know, it goes to show that the best way for a photographer to get exposure is to put up pictures of narcissistic people with internet journals.

Or something.
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Pics are in!

A couple of lovely big closeups! Wherein I was surveying the Flembic carnage, and spotted a man taking photographs. You can see exactly how badly my makeup was rubbing off.

Also one where I look quite gormless and even less made-up, but at least you can see how tall I am.

That seems to be it for this Maelstrom. Still, should be able to get a good icon or two out of them...

IN OTHER NEWS lookit da shiny dragon.
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Oh, I've been saying I'll post a pic of me with dodgy chin rat beard. (This is what I cut it down to after Viking; it disappeared come Maelstrom.)


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Oh finally, I've found a picture of me from Serenity. I was beginning to think I'd avoided photographic capture entirely:

I am now satisfied that the costume didn't look too blatantly 20th-century, despite being entirely composed of items from Marks & Spencer and Tesco. Oh, apart from the army boots.

Shame I look like a twat.

ETA: another one, though out of focus and almost off the edge. And another. And another from behind! I am getting bad at this "spotting myself in a crowd" thing.

Still nothing really iconworthy though...
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Maelstrom was better for me than it has been for some time, thanks in no small part to a resolve to get out and meet new people. The game works much better for a gregarious character, and Blossom is basically supposed to be a curious sort if chap when he's not wrapped up in his personal trauma.

Also helping were interesting developments and profound, if you will, decisions. Faced with a dilemma, it was interesting to see to whom Blossom turned for advice and counsel.

Enough of such self-indulgent frippery, though! The real point of this post is to note that the lovely [ profile] kneeshooter appears to have processed his photos in record time, and thus we have the traditional post-Strom sausageAndyfest.

There may be other pictures of other people that I know and love in there, but this is my journal for talking about me, so they can find those on their own time. I will however take a moment to draw the reader's attention to the new face of Maelstrom Photos.

Returning to the subject at hand, I feel it is worth mentioning this rugged gentleman from the recent Vikings! event. Crikey, I would.

(Oh, incidentally, on the subject of facial hair. I decided that I had to shave off the tiny chinrat because Blossom does not have one. For the curious, however, I did take a few shots on my phone, which I have yet to upload, but I am determined not to forget. IIRC I had three positive reactions, a couple of noncommitals and one or two "Oh my god get rid of it"s. And plenty of people politely ignoring it. Which just goes to show.)

Parting shot: Don't they make a handsome couple?


Mar. 26th, 2007 11:30 am
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Oh! I forgot to mention.

For VIKINGS! at the weekend (which was awesome) I grew something that could charitably be described as not entirely unlike a beard. It took me three weeks[1].

As has been noted in this journal before (though I can't find the link at the moment), the process of beard removal traditionally happens piece by piece, in order to consider the appearance at various stages[2] During this procedure I decided what the hell I'll leave myself a bit. It's not too itchy and doesn't look too bad; if nothing else it'll be a laugh for a few days. I haven't taken any pictures yet but for reference it's somewhere between the chinrat and soul patch.

This is both fascinating and important, and you are a richer person for having read the above entry.

[1] I'm not ashamed. All my testosterone is focussed somewhere else.
[2] Well, you do when it takes you three weeks to get past the "unkempt stubble" stage. Who knows when you'll next have a chance to see yourself with a ridiculous moustache?
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Hot Or Not has always been quite user-hostile, but since I last checked (years ago) they've taken away all their link code except for a stupid MySpace-oriented Flash one, which LJ won't post due to being dangerous activex type code. Even the URLs for your voting pages are next to impossible to find. So, in order to get this code I've had to go to the scoreboard I'm on, click my picture and steal the code from there. Madness I tell you!

Anyway, tell me how pretty I am. NOW.


Oct. 20th, 2006 10:02 am
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Okay, I've not said anything since the first announcement, but I'm having a party tomorrow.

It is to celebrate 10 years in Manchester - I arrived as a tallow student* in Autumn 1996 and they haven't managed to get rid of me yet. This also marks a decade of knowing many of my good friends, as I met them through WARPED and LARS (university sci-fi and LRP societies, respectively) in the first few weeks of term. I love you all.

Costume is optional. It is perhaps worth clarifying that it is costume that is optional, not clothing. Come dressed as something I like, and if I've got something related to it on DVD we may watch it. Or we may not - it's not explicitly a TV party. Turn up for music, video, light conversation and copious quantities of alcohol. Bring your own alcohol.

Anyway, I mention it now mostly to provide directions )

Those who have visited Chez Bennée before may be somewhat thrown that the door has changed; it is no longer green, it is now white and has no number. I include a photograph of the new door under the cut, for reasons of visual recognition.

Door Number 2 )

If anyone's still confused, let me know.

Doors will be open from about 7.30 onwards, there is a reasonable amount of crash space (a bed or two, a few mattresses and a couple of Budda Bags for the brave). See you there!

* Callow. CALLOW.
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Not too long ago, somebody asked which character out of [ profile] specialschool was me, and was it Manny. Well, really, none of them are - at least not intentionally. There's obviously the small matter than all the characters are created by me, and thus will reflect my own perceptions to a certain extent. And it's true that Manny is, to a degree, a play on the old running gag that everybody loves Andy. But Manny's not me. Manny's very reliant on his natural ability, and doesn't feel the need to apply hims... er, what I mean is, he may have an effortless charm, but he's forgetful and doesn't have much of a head for na... oh. Well, look at that hair! I never had hair like that.

Today I went through my Mum's PC looking for pictures of me, and found this.

Too cool for my own good

Oh, that hair.

I also found a bunch of other photos, many of which are now in my gallery, including this one which I currently hold to be the finest picture of me in all creation. I'd do me.
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Finally got hold of a picture of me as Hammad! Thanks to the lovely [ profile] lupercal and his bananallery gallery.

Yeah, not ... bad I suppose. Not exactly elderly and distinguished, nor particularly arabic, but he did spend a lot of time indoors, and I suppose he must have a very good longevity potion.

If anyone else has pictures of me in any condition whatsoever, do point them out to me as I am a narcissistic whore.

Read more... )

Me, me, me

Jun. 6th, 2006 11:05 am
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Photos from Serenity

Being a narcissist at heart I will now draw your attention to the best and most important ones.

It's all about me, baby

ETA: For your Andy viewing convenience.
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As I mentioned, there was a wedding this weekend. [ profile] stsquad took photos. They are here.

In the name of expedience, I collect all the important ones here.

1 2 3 4


Aug. 30th, 2005 11:40 am
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Have dumped a number of photos from my camera into a gallery on Livejournal Pics. Find a selection enclosed below.



PIC PLS kthx )

Meme me

Aug. 19th, 2005 02:29 pm
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I am feeling by turns narcissistic, lazy and self-confident.

Somebody write me a [ profile] kingandy-centric meme.
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In a fit of narcissism, I find myself wondering after certain pictures that were taken this Friday last.  If anyone has such (or indeed any other photos of myself that I have not seen), I'd appreciate copies.

In other news I'm currently mulling over whether to reprise my role as Hammad at the next NWO or let somebody else take up the reins (and play a different part myself).  Currently leaning towards yes, but as ever my opinions are guided by those around me, so I'd appreciate people's thoughts on the subject.  (Naturally thoughts of People Who Know will be valued more than those who have no idea.)
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I have been taking photographs with my new camera. See what you think. Light quality on the second one is appaling, I'm standing right next to the window that I just took the first photo out of and it's washing all the colour out.

The View From Here The View From Here

It's the view from my window, everybody! I say "mine", it really belongs to [ profile] stsquad of course.
Portrait of the artist Portrait of the artist

I am suddenly struck by how very much like my dad I look. At least, in my memory.

That is quite a big forehead.

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