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Here is the Green Lantern Movie logo:

And here is the Green Lantern movie blu-ray box cover:

What the hell kind of branding is this? Plain font? Bank Gothic? Bank motherufkcing Gothic?

It's one thing to use a plain font in your logo, but to abandon your logo in favour of plain font text is just nonsense.
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Further to

Edward and Bella Kiss: Entire room presses hands to cheek and sighs "Ohh, I wish that was me...!"
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I haven't had any reason to watch Twilight (or the sequel, Darkness Metaphor Something Something Later That Night) since the end of the trailer when I realised it was about vampires and not in fact superheroes.

However, having just stumbled upon The Catalog (from off of last year some time), I suddenly have the urge to download it and throw a Twilight Party. Purely because I'm pretty sure that list could be adapted to make a hella awesome drinking game.

Bella Is Clumsy or Makes a Reference to Her Clumsiness: 1 shot
Bella is Utterly Desolate at Edward's Absence: 1 shot
Edward's Kiss Makes Bella's Heart Literally Stop: Empty your glass

Just don't be the guy who decides to drink any time Edward is incandescent, scintillating or sculpted.

EDITED TO ADD: Well of course they exist already.


Oct. 16th, 2009 09:38 am
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We are intending a visit to The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus at the weekend. Any takers?
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Just watched MADAGASCAR - henceforth to be known as MADAGASCAR 1.

As we watched it (aside from noting how primitive the animation looked in comparison with MADAGASCAR 2) my attention was mostly grabbed by the soundtrack; there were two major themes which I realised had, in the sequel, been reworked into "Best Friends" and Alex On the Spot (slash Once Upon a Time in Africa). It's slightly odd watching things in reverse like that; you recognise the themes and interludes and the instinctive assumption is that it's a back-reference but a moment's thought reminds you that what must have actually happened is that the composer went back to his earlier work, picked out the theme, and developed it into more of a recognisable melody. Listening to the little tweety tension bed - as it appears in the first movie - it's hard to imagine that he didn't intend to blow it up into something larger as evidenced in the sequel.

We likes Hans Zimmer.

I think I may be turning into a movie soundtrack nerd.

I may have consumed about 4/5 of a bottle of mead.
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Has just watched Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa (cunningly titled because though technically a sequel you don't actually have to have seen the original - everything you need to know is recapped at the beginning).

The CGI, though by now par for the course, is stunning. Perhaps it helps that the animals are stylised, but the substance of the thing looks real. The fur looks furry. The water looks wet. In parts one could be forgiven for thinking it was stop-frame animation, or that the backgrounds were filmed from life. Also: Monkey-powered ornithopter with conning tower and banana overdrive! What is not to love.

Well ... actually, what's not to love is the amount of stuff that was in there simply because it tested well in the original. Notably That Bloody Song and the elderly lady. Oh and almost King Racism but I guess he did sort of drive the plot along and it was at least in character and plausible. Shades of MiB 2, but only shades. And such shiny shades.

Most of all, though, I liked the orchestral hip-hop.
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So you're a massive Star Trek nerd, the kind of person whose idea of a good time is to roll up to your local cinematron for a screening of the 1982 classic, The Wrath of Kahn.

You get there to find somebody has decided that instead of this cinematic masterpiece, they will instead be showing some sterile piece of modern action trash. And they don't even advertise the change - they don't so much as tell you about it until you're right inside the theatre. You've paid good money to wallow in nostalgia and instead your eyes are assaulted with something that you've never seen before, something that nobody has ever seen before.

How do you respond?

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Hey remember how everyone was excited when they heard there was a Dragonlance movie coming out?


come on people why does this look like it was made in 1996.

[1] Except [ profile] vervain_, who was right
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Side note: "Gyllenhaal estimated he gained five pounds of muscle for the role." Oooohhhh.

Roll on 2010...
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Hancock is a good movie.

It is not, as previously supposed, a superhero spoof and is in fact a darkly humorous dramatic comedy (or comedic dramady?) dealing with themes of heroism, consequences and responsibility. It takes itself seriously - but not too seriously to have fun - and does it right, damnit.

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Everyone is all excited about this-or-that Age of Conans and Warhammer Beta Bla Di Bla games that are coming out and stuff.

Me, I'm more intrigued by this "On The Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness" offering.

Four Gods wait on the windowsill,
Where eight Gods once did war and will,
And if the Gods themselves may die,
What does that say for you and I?

Bullet points while I'm here:

  • Saw Iron Man; it was good
  • Had a wisdom tooth extracted; am reasonably certain pliers were involved
  • [ profile] batelf got older; there was much rejoicing
  • Read The Pearls That Were His Eyes; it was quite entertaining but hard to rate objectively, being as how I have some passing familiarity with the source materials.

More in-depth reviews may be forthcoming, or not.
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Watched Brokeback Mountain with [ profile] diegoliger, and the immediate question was of course: Has anyone made a spoof Brokeback trailer with scenes from Firefly?


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Submitted my downtime for Artificer!

It's a bit rubbish, but I've always been a bit rubbish at downtimes. At least this time I have something I want to do, even if I have no real clue how to go about it.

While I'm here, a quick media review:
  1. Stardust: awesome
  2. Serenity LRP: fun
  3. Beowulf: well fit

Many thanks to everyone who turned up at my and [ profile] diegoliger's birthday outing, sorry it didn't go terribly well. It was a simple plan - movie then pub - but the movie was sold out and the pub was full.

I'd bought our tickets the night before on Tinternet, and provided a link so that people could do the same, but neglected to make any actual recommendation or even mention of this so only [ profile] bacony and [ profile] the_prince, who thought to turn up ahead of time and were buying their tickets while we were waiting outside for them, managed to see it with us. Everybody else got in at the AMC and joined us later; the latter half of the celebration took place at Wagamama and the Salisbury instead of Sinclair's.

I'm not certain who got the best deal out of the IMAX and AMC parties, as we didn't get very good seats and the 3D IMAX is really calibrated for the middle area of seatage; down in the corner, where we were, you really have to shift your head to get the 3D effect for different areas of the screen. I think it would be better in either 3D or IMAX. I think Katy and Vince got a better view, as they were already in the queue for seats while were were frantically checking outside for them one last time. That said, I cannot argue with a set of six-pack abs four storeys high[1], and there is always entertainment to be had in pawing at an illusory sword hilt that is concealing a lovingly-animated crotch, or craning your head in a futile effort to see around it.

Note to self, make some kind of effort to see 300.

[1] Oddly, a Google Image Search for 'Beowulf naked' brings back more images of Angelina Jolie than anything else.
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Watched Black Hawk Down on Monday at [ profile] stsquad's place in glorious Blueray Blooray Blu-Rae HD gigantovision.

I learned two lessons from this movie:
a) War is hilarious hell, and
b) Soldiers are just, like, normal people, who then explode.
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Saw Transformers. It was good, though a bit cringeworthy at points. I felt for the poor lad who had to say "But that's Megatron, leader of the Decepticons!" at a point in the script where it was completely out of context.

Some spoilers )

In summary: It could have been better, but it also could have been a whole lot worse.

Also, Bumblebee is a colossal pervert.

[1] One can only assume that such uninformed statements about military technology induce the abovementioned stupidity-pain in those such as [ profile] batelf and [ profile] the_prince.


Aug. 1st, 2007 10:49 am
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To summarise:

Saw Harry Potter 5: V good. Have not read book so do not know of any glaring omissions, but the film itself functions perfectly internally and does not leave any obvious holes. Also the militant music had me tapping the sound of drums a lot.

Have also watched Pan's Labyrinth. It is fucked up. I like it. Remain confused as to why Pan is mentioned in the translated title (the literal translation being The Faun's Labyrinth which makes more sense since the faun is not named as Pan at any point).

Have decided to move in with [ profile] bacony and [ profile] the_prince. Commute will now involve no motorway. Would 14 miles be too far to bike?

Apparently there is only one Cordova Avenue in all of Britain, fancy.

[ profile] stsquad has a PS3. It is awesome. Am tempted to buy one for new place (though XBox 360 is a close runner also). Am also tempted to buy flat HDTV for new room. Will have to do something with old TV. Wonder if it is bigger than K&V's.

Have become Bridget Jones apparently.
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Compare and contrast.
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Opinions are funny things, aren't they?

I am of the opinion that Human Nature/Family of Blood was some of the finest Who to emerge in recent years (surpassed only by every episode written by Steven Moffatt). A respected friend and avid Who fan of my acquaintance[1], however, is of the opinion that, well, basically and fundamentally, it wasn't a Doctor Who story and if he wanted to watch a period romance between a schoolteacher and compassionately proper school matron, well, that's what he would have done.

(I eagerly await his views on Blink, which has a similar amount of Doctor in it, though vastly less Tennant.)

(Did I mention that I thought Joan was the role for whom Jessica Stephenson was invented? She fit her like a glove, really she did.)

By the same token, I've no doubt that many corners of Who fandom will take issue with this week's Utopia, though it is in essence a story one-third told. Cut for spoilers )

Also this weekend, I went to see the new Fantastic Four movie. I was of the opinion that it was a great improvement on the first, a perfectly presentable action adventure movie with more than a little tongue in cheek. The script was reasonably tight, the effects were solid and convincing and Minor spoilers ) In my opinion it was a well-balanced blend of the source material and the necessary big-screen updates (though Johnny's topless scene was gratuitous and unnecessary and far too brief) - all the best parts of the earlier movie with none of the wretched science (unless you count talk of "cosmic rays" as physics) Slightly larger spoilers )

Many of those with whom I saw it, however, were of the opinion that the film held no redeeming features at all. Which is odd, since in the past we have broadly agreed on the relative merits of various motion pictures. Certainly we universally agreed on the utter, utter hideous abomination that is the new entryway to The Orient at the Trafford Centre - a mockery of taste in brown marble and faux gold and what must surely be the most gross offence to the word "staircase" since records began. Mammon must be pleased indeed.

It is the conclusion of this rambling editorial that It Just Goes To Show.

ASIDE: For more on what I did at the weekend, see here.

[1] Redundant? If he's my friend, of course he's of my acquaintance.

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