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Back from Maelstrom! It is still marginally more challenging and entertaining to be a walking tree than it is a chore to put on layers of makeup every day, so I shall continue for the time being.

Flembic lower city continue awesome. Highlights include playing an IC game of "I Have Never" (technically after timeout but still fun). Unfortunately didn't get to hang out with many OOC friends, as I had no idea where IC camps were or how to find them. This made me sad. Also did not see [ profile] ash1977law.

In other news: We are planning to move to a proper-type house at the end of the month, and are once again awaiting the result of our we-do-earn-enough-to-rent-this-house application form. I am slightly dubious about the part where they ask our current landlord/agent for a reference. In theory it's a good notion - I can see why a prospective landlord would want assurances from current landlord that your payments are complete and regular, and given that we have been both I can't see any legitimate problems - but the thought occurs that an underhanded landlord, annoyed at the prospect of losing a tenant and hoping to cause enough difficulties to force an extended stay, might make spurious accusations or just plain sit on the thing long enough to cause said difficulties. But this is most likely simple paranoia. Fingers crossed.
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[ profile] kneeshooter's CoC pics are up! I'm in there, though I didn't actually see Mr White outside of GOD. Let's hear it for stealth photographers!

This is the only other one of me I've managed to find, by [ profile] notdan. I must be slipping. Note to self: Make more photographers fall in love with self.

Maelstrom Gallery Huntage is no longer the chore it used to be thanks to the lovely Oxford Girl, who maintains a link archive - largely for her own convenience, I understand, but she's been good enough to throw it open for everyone's use. What a nice lady.

While I'm here I feel I must make special mention of the Giant-Sized Man-Thing! Whatever knows fear burns at the Man-Thing's touch.
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You know what, I probably should have directed my players here rather than waving the rulebook at them last Wednesday evening. Oh well! Fun was had regardless.

Oh, yes, Maelstrom was good, [ profile] diegoliger seems to have caught the bug, [ profile] the_prince accidentally brutally sacrificed himself in the back while shaving, and [ profile] kneeshooter got plenty of material for his Andy Shrine, so all is as it should be.
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Ah! I have finally got around to perusing the lovely [ profile] kneeshooter's Declaration pics and what do I spy? Not one, not two but three pictures of me looking drunk, pensive and baffled by turns! The makeup appears to have held up, so expect one or more of them to become icons in short order.

It was brought to my attention at this event that while others scan the photos wondering if they will feature in this season's gallery, my mindset is more one of how many times and how good do I look. (Usually quite good, which I attribute to Mr White's photographic ability and quality control. Compare the third shot to this one, where I look like a sad git with too much hair and makeup that's rubbing off.) And it must be confessed - this is indeed how I approach the Disturbing gallery, and I had rather lost sight of the fact that others are not similarly ubiquitous. But given a four-figure attendance, and the mere 133 photos presented, in retrospect it seems self-evident.

Still, I feel the reason for this pictorial blessing is hardly specific to myself, as there are plenty of (multiple) images of others of Mr White's acquaintance. Witness the many faces of [ profile] nattydreadai, [ profile] arwel and indeed pretty much all of the White Lions - my favourite perhaps being this gem, which is just all sorts of awwww.

I suppose it just goes to show ... hum ... Oh, I know, it goes to show that the best way for a photographer to get exposure is to put up pictures of narcissistic people with internet journals.

Or something.
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Pics are in!

A couple of lovely big closeups! Wherein I was surveying the Flembic carnage, and spotted a man taking photographs. You can see exactly how badly my makeup was rubbing off.

Also one where I look quite gormless and even less made-up, but at least you can see how tall I am.

That seems to be it for this Maelstrom. Still, should be able to get a good icon or two out of them...

IN OTHER NEWS lookit da shiny dragon.
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1) Maelstrom

I went, and had fun. I did spend some time on the Saturday sitting around looking for shade with nothing much else to do, but this is my fault for generating complacent characters with few responsibilities or goals[1]. In retaliation I (finally) generated my secondary character, John Frankley, butler to [ profile] vervain_'s character. Built-in interaction and things to do, huzzah! The weekend was dampened by losing several old familiar characters to villainous machinations, but at least one of them came back to life, so that's not so bad then.

OH, another low point of the weekend was all the athletic young men walking around with their tightly-muscled torsos hanging out. It made me want one.

2) Doctor Who

Made it home in time to catch the BBC3 repeat. Best episode evar.

This episode received a 5.5 on the Fear Factor scale of 1-5 (as judged by a panel of four 6-14-year-olds). Spoilars ) Anyway, I just thought that was worth mentioning. It's a cracking episode, and if you haven't already seen it you should move heaven and earth to make it so.

That is all.

[1] Well, not entirely my fault. I somehow managed to miss all the major fights that went down due to being elsewhere.
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Maelstrom was better for me than it has been for some time, thanks in no small part to a resolve to get out and meet new people. The game works much better for a gregarious character, and Blossom is basically supposed to be a curious sort if chap when he's not wrapped up in his personal trauma.

Also helping were interesting developments and profound, if you will, decisions. Faced with a dilemma, it was interesting to see to whom Blossom turned for advice and counsel.

Enough of such self-indulgent frippery, though! The real point of this post is to note that the lovely [ profile] kneeshooter appears to have processed his photos in record time, and thus we have the traditional post-Strom sausageAndyfest.

There may be other pictures of other people that I know and love in there, but this is my journal for talking about me, so they can find those on their own time. I will however take a moment to draw the reader's attention to the new face of Maelstrom Photos.

Returning to the subject at hand, I feel it is worth mentioning this rugged gentleman from the recent Vikings! event. Crikey, I would.

(Oh, incidentally, on the subject of facial hair. I decided that I had to shave off the tiny chinrat because Blossom does not have one. For the curious, however, I did take a few shots on my phone, which I have yet to upload, but I am determined not to forget. IIRC I had three positive reactions, a couple of noncommitals and one or two "Oh my god get rid of it"s. And plenty of people politely ignoring it. Which just goes to show.)

Parting shot: Don't they make a handsome couple?
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Just a quick gratuitous icon post, I'm at work.

Maelstrom was fun. The best pictures, as always, are disturbing.
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This is, of course, harsh, draconian and reactionary, but in my mind there are people who are allowed to go around wearing nothing but a loincloth, and people who are not.

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Does anyone have a spare straw hat they would be willing to lend a poor unprotected tree? Oriental for preference, but I'm not fussy...
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Firstly, Doctor Who was cool this week. Well produced, nicely fantastic and elegantly unconfirmed. If you see what I mean. Hopefully if you've seen it, you'll know.

Maelstrom was cool. It was also hot. My nose hurts. I need a hat.

I do like playing Blossom (especially when other Dryads start saying I am wise and listening to my half-remembered nuggets of Bahadu's wisdom), but it would be fair to say he is not a sociable character. He does not introduce himself to people. He is happy to sit, watch, listen. He will answer questions, but is rarely curious about people. He's curious about events, and will ask about what's going on, but then he'll just nod thoughtfully and wander off. I must play up his curiousity in future.

Part of it is that my main reason for wanting to be more sociable is so that I can talk to people I already know. But I catch myself not bothering to talk to people that I don't know, and don't want to compromise the IC/OOC wall (or do the clique thing) by behaving differently with people I know and people I don't, so I just don't bother talking to anybody that I don't already know IC. Oh well. Must do better.

Here is a picture of Russ

That is all
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The release of the theatrical versions of the original Star Wars trilogy on DVD have been noted elsewhere, so I will instead provide linkage to this commemorative T-shirt. Yes, Lucasarts are releasing an official "Han Shot First" shirt. Never let it be said that Lucas doesn't have an eye for the merchandising.

In other news: Maelstrom downtime is open! We have two weeks to submit downtimes! No time to dither! Crikey, what happened to sending out notifying emails?

I seem to recall a couple of people with things for me to do, drop a comment with email address and I'll get in touch. Comments screened, obviously.
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A good weekend.

Friday and Saturday were occupied mostly with Maelstrom, which was fun, as far as it went.  The Kamakuran game is an odd fish at the moment.

Sunday was the Date, which is of course the first thing most people are asking about at the moment.  Read more... ) In summary, relationship has been upgraded from Internet to Long Distance, and I am quite happy.

Oh, and yes, he is most definitely the same young gentleman as in the picture.  I checked.  Quite thoroughly.

In other news: [ profile] ed_fortune found this interesting and informative guide to the world of re-enactment.
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So, the plans for the weekend slowly slide into place[1].

The lovely Phil (I am resisting the urge to label him The Boy) will be in Manchester on Sunday, and not before Sunday. This means I no longer feel at all conflicted about going to Maelstrom, though I will be leaving late Saturday night. No doubt my absence will cause widespread panic and the collapse of civilisation as we know it. Hee hee hee.

Annoyingly he has to be back in London that evening, so I only get him for the daylight hours. This is apparently open to some small upwards revision.

Wish me luck.

[1] F'nerk.

Re: Bother

Mar. 14th, 2006 12:46 pm
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Mar. 13th, 2006 11:46 pm
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After spending so long dithering about what to do with this Maelstrom downtime, the submission deadline apparently rolled past without notice some weeks ago. This means my character will be doing random tasks, and will once again be a day more than a downtime short of learning a new skill. If only I hadn't randomly removed the "learn skill" action as soon as downtimes opened. Or the system was intelligent enough to add it again. Or the new news system had got to the point of sending emails out before the deadline loomed, rather than after. Oh well.

That'll teach me not to wait for the email notifications of approaching deadlines. Just because it happened last year...


Sep. 13th, 2005 01:15 pm
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Looks like I have a moment on my hands so I'll write up Maelstrom.

My Maelstrom )
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Am finding it hard to work today. Between the heat and the post-LRP comedown my brain has seized up.

Am no longer sure how to spell "siezed". Figure doing it once each way is probably safe.

Random memory from the weekend: Managd to describe self in third person neutral. Blossom is getting more verbose and getting the hang of pronouns, but in distacted moments still backslides to "is [verb]". After meaning to for so very long, in one such moment I remembered to say "It" first (the context was something like "It is grateful"). At one point I was considering evolving his general speech pattern in that direction, just to mess with people's heads, but it didn't particularly make sense internally and anyway it was far too much effort. I am glad I managed to do it once though.

I get hung up on the most trivial parts of the character, really I do.

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