Mar. 5th, 2010 01:53 pm
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Thing about Odyssey is, it would be great if everyone looked like this, but I think more realistically we're going to see a lot of this.

(no offence intended to the models involved)
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Back from Maelstrom! It is still marginally more challenging and entertaining to be a walking tree than it is a chore to put on layers of makeup every day, so I shall continue for the time being.

Flembic lower city continue awesome. Highlights include playing an IC game of "I Have Never" (technically after timeout but still fun). Unfortunately didn't get to hang out with many OOC friends, as I had no idea where IC camps were or how to find them. This made me sad. Also did not see [ profile] ash1977law.

In other news: We are planning to move to a proper-type house at the end of the month, and are once again awaiting the result of our we-do-earn-enough-to-rent-this-house application form. I am slightly dubious about the part where they ask our current landlord/agent for a reference. In theory it's a good notion - I can see why a prospective landlord would want assurances from current landlord that your payments are complete and regular, and given that we have been both I can't see any legitimate problems - but the thought occurs that an underhanded landlord, annoyed at the prospect of losing a tenant and hoping to cause enough difficulties to force an extended stay, might make spurious accusations or just plain sit on the thing long enough to cause said difficulties. But this is most likely simple paranoia. Fingers crossed.

LRP Meme

Aug. 24th, 2009 08:55 pm
I don't know what the rules on this are, so I'm going to assume "answer as one of your LRP characters and see who can guess." Or something.

I don't know if this will be at all challenging, but here goes.

Answer me these questions three )
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Following to a fine weekend at the Brass Hand of Doctor Martell, I now have a new icon! It was a glorious affair, with time split equally between the walking dead and croquet, and gentlemen racing to give up their chairs to the ladies (even, at one stage, coming to blows on the matter). I don't think I really managed to keep up a Suthun accent as such, but the voice was at least as constant as ever, and garnered many a word of praise. And this time it wasn't simply because I'd kept on bloody-mindedly talking like a Yank even unto time out. Also kicked a door in, and made comments under the breath about monkeys and opera. I call that a win.

Unfortunately, since I've been recently catching up on season 4 of Lost, the notion of a mysterious island surrounded by powerful energies was somewhat disorienting. Kept expecting to see polar bears or sentient black clouds. Still, it all added to the experience.

Anyway, as well as the icon attached to this post, I threw together this jolly thing:


And this one, though I don't know when I'll have opportunity to use it:


EDIT: Have retroactively fitted it to previous post. Works well. Huzzah.
Am eagerly anticipating the weekend's merriment.

My costume hasn't turned out entirely as planned - the purchased leather jacket proved entirely the wrong cut (appearing more 1920s than 1860s; though entirely suitable for Dirk in his native pulp setting, and reasonably logical for a world in which an aviator culture - albeit one of airships rather than aeroplanes - has developed years early, the waist length just doesn't suit the fashions of the period). Luckily [ profile] diegoliger realised that the tweedy overcoat I keep knocking around would suit perfectly, so all is not lost. However, I remain slightly concerned that the knee-length grey coat may seem very similar to that of my Serenity LRP character (who also wears a knee-length grey coat, though of a modern lightweight fabric). That, and the American accent.

In fact, on reflection, as far as skills and abilities go, on paper they are quite uncomfortably similar. Both are pilots and capable in hand-to-hand combat. I console myself that they arrived from different directions, both in backstory and conception - Lee Shaw began as a curious busybody who liked to go places and see new things, and picked up piloting skills to get him there and combat skills to get away from it; Dirk was a fist-fightin' airman from the beginning. Even in terms of combat style, Lee's quick-witted and precise where Dirk simply hits incredibly hard. So they're very different people in my head ... I just hope I can make that apparent.

If nothing else, I'll be aiming for a South'n accent instead of my generic Barrowman. And anyway, I'll be wearing a different hat. Fingers crossed...
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Serenity LRP event V was this weekend! Had fun; got involved; spoke to people; didn't get shot.

Successfully convinced at least six people that I was actually from North America, which is my general win condition for these things; one of them even went so far as to say they were jealous that I didn't have to bother putting on an accent. I think it's more because I never dropped out of it than for any particular reasons of quality, but I suppose I get points for being able to switch into an accent on that sort of not-having-to-think-about-it level. It's the product of a youth mis-spent watching - and re-enacting - far too much American TV.

(I don't think I'd be able to describe it in terms of a conscious process. Internally I tend to think of it as pulling my voice towards the back of my tongue instead of using the tip, and once it's there it kind of stays there. Australian, on the other hand, is somewhere in the middle.)

I also had a v neat bit of personal plot, involving something from my character's past which came back to bite him in the ass. It was slightly awkward in that I had no way of recognising the character I was dealing with until she "reminded" me (Not that I'd forgotten as such - I'd made no mention of any particular characters in the background), but it worked pretty well in a "Street Fighter: The Movie" kind of way[1] - the lady in question had clearly kept Lee Shaw foremost in his thoughts in the intervening years, and considered me her archnemesis or something, and was totally crestfallen when she realised I had no idea who she was. It was a lot of fun, and I got to use my Disarm skill, and got guns pointed at me. Then [ profile] diegoliger got to sermonise at us. Much fun was had by all :)

[1] "For you, the day Bison graced your village was the most important day of your life. But for me... it was Tuesday."
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[ profile] kneeshooter's CoC pics are up! I'm in there, though I didn't actually see Mr White outside of GOD. Let's hear it for stealth photographers!

This is the only other one of me I've managed to find, by [ profile] notdan. I must be slipping. Note to self: Make more photographers fall in love with self.

Maelstrom Gallery Huntage is no longer the chore it used to be thanks to the lovely Oxford Girl, who maintains a link archive - largely for her own convenience, I understand, but she's been good enough to throw it open for everyone's use. What a nice lady.

While I'm here I feel I must make special mention of the Giant-Sized Man-Thing! Whatever knows fear burns at the Man-Thing's touch.
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For those LARPers who have yet to welcome [ profile] diegoliger into their electro-bosom (ie, LJ "friend"-list), and are interested in a little bit of cyber- and/or steam-punkery, I direct thee hither.

Ooh. Shiny.
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Submitted my downtime for Artificer!

It's a bit rubbish, but I've always been a bit rubbish at downtimes. At least this time I have something I want to do, even if I have no real clue how to go about it.

While I'm here, a quick media review:
  1. Stardust: awesome
  2. Serenity LRP: fun
  3. Beowulf: well fit

Many thanks to everyone who turned up at my and [ profile] diegoliger's birthday outing, sorry it didn't go terribly well. It was a simple plan - movie then pub - but the movie was sold out and the pub was full.

I'd bought our tickets the night before on Tinternet, and provided a link so that people could do the same, but neglected to make any actual recommendation or even mention of this so only [ profile] bacony and [ profile] the_prince, who thought to turn up ahead of time and were buying their tickets while we were waiting outside for them, managed to see it with us. Everybody else got in at the AMC and joined us later; the latter half of the celebration took place at Wagamama and the Salisbury instead of Sinclair's.

I'm not certain who got the best deal out of the IMAX and AMC parties, as we didn't get very good seats and the 3D IMAX is really calibrated for the middle area of seatage; down in the corner, where we were, you really have to shift your head to get the 3D effect for different areas of the screen. I think it would be better in either 3D or IMAX. I think Katy and Vince got a better view, as they were already in the queue for seats while were were frantically checking outside for them one last time. That said, I cannot argue with a set of six-pack abs four storeys high[1], and there is always entertainment to be had in pawing at an illusory sword hilt that is concealing a lovingly-animated crotch, or craning your head in a futile effort to see around it.

Note to self, make some kind of effort to see 300.

[1] Oddly, a Google Image Search for 'Beowulf naked' brings back more images of Angelina Jolie than anything else.
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You know what, I probably should have directed my players here rather than waving the rulebook at them last Wednesday evening. Oh well! Fun was had regardless.

Oh, yes, Maelstrom was good, [ profile] diegoliger seems to have caught the bug, [ profile] the_prince accidentally brutally sacrificed himself in the back while shaving, and [ profile] kneeshooter got plenty of material for his Andy Shrine, so all is as it should be.

More songs

Jul. 19th, 2007 11:10 am
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Further to my recent post re modern songs in fantasy settings - can anyone spot anything in these lyrics that don't fit? 'Sea of sand' is questionable for Lalenth but I think it basically passes muster.

The key thing is it's probably obscure enough to not bother too many people. (Though I'm more familiar with the tune than the words ... maybe I could have it written down.)

Cut for space )

Oh, BTW, I'd probably cut out the third (spoken) verse, it's wierd to break into poetry in the middle of a song when you're a capella, and it mentions 'December'. That might leave it a little short but I can always repeat the chorus...
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Selected tracks from Murray Gold's Doctor Who soundtrack are excellent for going to sleep to, but don't forget about the orchestral burst at the start of The Impossible Planet or you'll find yourself wide awake wondering where the cello that thinks it's a viola is coming from.

In other music-related news: I am toying with the idea of playing a singer-type at Artificer, and am racking my brain for suitable songs. I'm looking for songs that (a) I know well enough to sing from memory, (b) sound good a capella, and (c) are nominally appropriate to the setting.[1]

Point (a) is optional, though obviously preferable. The tricky one is (c). Blatantly modern lyrics can be reworked (though if it's a song I know well I'd rather not because I'm likely to forget I've changed it). Appropriateness is more nebulous than lyrics alone, though. There are questions of style and genre, and how popular does a song have to be before it becomes a game-breaking anachronism?

An example would be Your Song as used in Moulin Rouge; though the content of the lyrics is relatively neutral in terms of setting (and, indeed, quite suitable for a fantasy environment with its talk of 'potions' and 'travelling shows'), it's quite well-known and the language is very modern ('Anyway, the thing is, what I really mean...'). Would people start rolling their eyes if one were to break out into it at a LARP event?

(I suppose it would be acceptable, or at least overlookable, at a larger event like Maelstrom but Artificer is somewhat more intimate, and certainly more straight-faced.)

On the other hand - some of the questions of style could be amended in performance, by changing the tempo and emphasis and so forth. I've heard a very good soulful ballad rendition of Hit Me Baby One More Time, and Tori Amos' cover of Smells Like Teen Spirit is beautiful.

Songs under consideration include:

How do you suppose the above would be recieved (be honest), and do you have any other suggestions that might be more palatable?

[1] Also, songs which I can sing when I'm as drunk as I'll need to be before I raise my voice in front of a crowd of friends and casual acquaintances.
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Pics are in!

A couple of lovely big closeups! Wherein I was surveying the Flembic carnage, and spotted a man taking photographs. You can see exactly how badly my makeup was rubbing off.

Also one where I look quite gormless and even less made-up, but at least you can see how tall I am.

That seems to be it for this Maelstrom. Still, should be able to get a good icon or two out of them...

IN OTHER NEWS lookit da shiny dragon.
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1) Maelstrom

I went, and had fun. I did spend some time on the Saturday sitting around looking for shade with nothing much else to do, but this is my fault for generating complacent characters with few responsibilities or goals[1]. In retaliation I (finally) generated my secondary character, John Frankley, butler to [ profile] vervain_'s character. Built-in interaction and things to do, huzzah! The weekend was dampened by losing several old familiar characters to villainous machinations, but at least one of them came back to life, so that's not so bad then.

OH, another low point of the weekend was all the athletic young men walking around with their tightly-muscled torsos hanging out. It made me want one.

2) Doctor Who

Made it home in time to catch the BBC3 repeat. Best episode evar.

This episode received a 5.5 on the Fear Factor scale of 1-5 (as judged by a panel of four 6-14-year-olds). Spoilars ) Anyway, I just thought that was worth mentioning. It's a cracking episode, and if you haven't already seen it you should move heaven and earth to make it so.

That is all.

[1] Well, not entirely my fault. I somehow managed to miss all the major fights that went down due to being elsewhere.
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I was reasonably satisfied with my Bad American Accent this weekend. I do worry that it's not remotely convincing, but on Saturday (in an out-of-character aside, in the kitchen) I was questioned as to my country of origin, and whether I was in fact from Canada.

Not the precise country I was going for, but at least it was convincingly natural...

EDITED TO ADD: I've managed not to speak to anyone with the accent so far today, but I have unintentionally used it several times when muttering to myself.
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Serenity was a lot of fun. This time the pacing was much better, there was only one run to fix the main cortex relay, and no continual stream of local gang members to pester the players.

Am annoyed to find that I was indeed capable of calling Disarm, duh. Wish I'd remembered that when I tried to wrestle [ profile] bacony's gun away from her ... oh well, got a good shout out of it, not to mention real genuine blood!

Oh, also, am pleased to note that I have again ended up crewing a ship named after one from Bucky O'Hare, though this time it is the Righteous Indignation instead of the Indefatigable.
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Maelstrom was better for me than it has been for some time, thanks in no small part to a resolve to get out and meet new people. The game works much better for a gregarious character, and Blossom is basically supposed to be a curious sort if chap when he's not wrapped up in his personal trauma.

Also helping were interesting developments and profound, if you will, decisions. Faced with a dilemma, it was interesting to see to whom Blossom turned for advice and counsel.

Enough of such self-indulgent frippery, though! The real point of this post is to note that the lovely [ profile] kneeshooter appears to have processed his photos in record time, and thus we have the traditional post-Strom sausageAndyfest.

There may be other pictures of other people that I know and love in there, but this is my journal for talking about me, so they can find those on their own time. I will however take a moment to draw the reader's attention to the new face of Maelstrom Photos.

Returning to the subject at hand, I feel it is worth mentioning this rugged gentleman from the recent Vikings! event. Crikey, I would.

(Oh, incidentally, on the subject of facial hair. I decided that I had to shave off the tiny chinrat because Blossom does not have one. For the curious, however, I did take a few shots on my phone, which I have yet to upload, but I am determined not to forget. IIRC I had three positive reactions, a couple of noncommitals and one or two "Oh my god get rid of it"s. And plenty of people politely ignoring it. Which just goes to show.)

Parting shot: Don't they make a handsome couple?
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1. I realised why Dragon's Den annoys me! It is Coverage Of People Applying For Loans.

2. Serenity LRP have released version 2.0 of their rules. As you can tell from the Document History at the front there's not really enough to warrant a whole version increment - it should really be 1.5 or thereabouts - but I'm just happy it's out. The big change is the addition of the downtime rules, and the "Virtuoso" (or Prestige) skills that are only acquired in downtime (ie, not available to starting characters).

3. RAVE RAVE RAVE (makes noise so NSFW)

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-This week's Special Schools have been completed and uploaded; there is naughtiness. And nippleage.
-[ profile] stsquad has finally bowed to popular opinion[1] and bought a big-ass TV. It is good.
-Serenity LRP Event 2 is on its way; bookings are open now for crew from the previous event (like me) and will be in two weeks for everybody else. I am thinking of going, is anyone else? Fancy a lanky long-haired hanger-on?

That is all

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