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Following to a fine weekend at the Brass Hand of Doctor Martell, I now have a new icon! It was a glorious affair, with time split equally between the walking dead and croquet, and gentlemen racing to give up their chairs to the ladies (even, at one stage, coming to blows on the matter). I don't think I really managed to keep up a Suthun accent as such, but the voice was at least as constant as ever, and garnered many a word of praise. And this time it wasn't simply because I'd kept on bloody-mindedly talking like a Yank even unto time out. Also kicked a door in, and made comments under the breath about monkeys and opera. I call that a win.

Unfortunately, since I've been recently catching up on season 4 of Lost, the notion of a mysterious island surrounded by powerful energies was somewhat disorienting. Kept expecting to see polar bears or sentient black clouds. Still, it all added to the experience.

Anyway, as well as the icon attached to this post, I threw together this jolly thing:


And this one, though I don't know when I'll have opportunity to use it:


EDIT: Have retroactively fitted it to previous post. Works well. Huzzah.


Mar. 3rd, 2009 12:30 pm
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I tend to think I come off about 50/50 in photos; half the time I look like a hideous, gormless lopsided golem, and the other half I seem to somehow mutate into something that could reasonably pass for a semi-attractive human man. (It's probably a trick of the light, or a special photoshop filter, or something. "Filter / Distort / Make Prettier ..." Considering I have fooled at least one person into finding me not entirely offensive to the eye, I suspect the former.)

New icon comes from this weekend's Artificer, by way of Mr Craig Allen and his marvellous box of phototrickery (actually I took the icon from the Facebook gallery, which seems to have rather warmer colours. I don't know if the Flickr one went through a wash, or Facebook's was made brighter, but it just appealed slightly more to my eye.

Check out rugged me, grrr.


Jul. 3rd, 2008 09:06 pm
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New icon!

This icon has retroactively replaced all previous uses of the 'Uhhh...' icon. Because livejournal works that way.


Feb. 15th, 2008 11:48 am
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Gratuitous new icon post!

This comic has come up in casual conversation so many times recently that I could not justify not iconning it.

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