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Oh, yes, we moved house - thanks in no small part to Mr and Mrs Buchan and their Car of Vastness. The new house is lovely, though slightly strewn with boxes (which we must, at some point, Deal With).

I am inexpressibly pleased with living in a house once more. I have in the past said that I would not be truly happy living in a flat, and while it did not at the time seem so very bad, as soon as I was again in a house with stairs and a front door I was filled with an immense sense of well-being and relief. Admittedly part of it may be relief at getting out from under the uncaring, unlawful, negligent, incompetent excuse for a letting agency known as Sanderson James, but even putting that aside, it's just so much nicer on every level. And it has two levels!

The lovely [ profile] diegoliger has been busying himself about the place with Interior Design and Layout, so if anyone cares to visit and finds the arrangement at all appealing the credit must go entirely to him. Apart from the sofa. I bought that.

I own a sofa and a bin and have built a chest of drawers. I am a man now.


Sep. 28th, 2009 09:24 am
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Moving continues. New house is awesome, though mobphone reception is patchy. Luckily we have a land line (reminds me - must ring BT).

Considering ADSL. Consulting lazyweb. Recommended providers?

We now have two weekday evenings to separate the rest of our crap from the old flat. We might even do it. Not sure. Trying to get tomorrow off work...
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Spoke to landlord's representatives re state of the flat. Sounds like everything will be addressed quickly enough bar some perculiarities.

Weirdness the First: Apparently before going on the market with Sanderson James, the flat was advertised by Edward Mellor. It turns out that Edward Mellor still have the keys - including apparently the only copy of the mailbox key - and for no reason that anyone can discern have a standard 28-day turnaround on going to the cupboard and getting the keys. So no post for a while then. Luckily the postbox is so full that any new post sticks out the top where we can fish it out. Unluckily, the postbox is so full that any new post sticks out the top where anyone can fish it out.

Weirdness the Second: The communal areas of the property used to be run by a Management Committee. Unfortunately not too long ago the chair of the committee died (!) and the committee disbanded. This means that currently nobody is responsible for cleaning or maintaining the communal areas - including the faulty lighting. In fact, this is the only reason we're even here; the landlord really wanted to sell the flat but apparently you cannot get a mortgage for a flat with no Management Committee so no bugger would buy it.

She seemed like a genuinely nice agent, though I think she didn't put the phone down properly; after hanging up I could hear her in the distance saying "Well! What a nice, friendly-" I guess they mostly have to deal with tenants shouting blue bloody murder about how they can't have a dog in the house or whatever.

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Quick quick update!

We now have a flat of our own and almost all our stuff out of Vince & Katy's house. The PC will likely be the next to go hence the quick quick update. We has no internets at the new place! Rather than a cable/satellite package we're thinking of Freeview and ADSL. Who can tell me about ADSL? I gather you need a pre-existing phone line...

Will follow this up with a protected entry with address details, but don't post anything yet because we don't have a key for the mailbox. (There are one or two kinks to work out with the letting agency...)
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As may be gleaned from [ profile] diegoliger's journal - our tenancy application was successful! We will be moving into the apartment next weekend.



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I can't be bothered to look up remember what I last posted about this, and certainly not in a public place, so here's an update on the current immediate-future housing situation.

Some people from [ profile] foul_temptress's shindig may recall my mentioning that we'd seen some houses that day, including a particularly nice apartment on Hyde Road with two bedrooms and a nice sized living room. Well, after the next property we viewed turned out to be a magical mystery house built for dwarves[1], we decided to apply for the apartment. (We've been back for a quick scout around outside since, and did notice that the paint on the outside at the back is peeling a bit, but meh, that's not our problem.) Apparently all they're waiting for now is a quick chat with the landlord, which shouldn't take too long.

The apartment is currently vacant so theoretically we could be moving in a week or two. It's also unfurnished, but between Ant's own stuff, his generous boss and the lovely ladies at his church, we should only have a couple of bits and bobs to worry about - mostly beds and shelving, probably. (Would you like to know more?)

It's also lacking a shower curtain. Quite by chance, an advertisement for this has just dropped into my inbox. I mention this only by way of synchronicity.

[1] It was an adorable little mid-terrace cottage across from the Donkey Sanctuary. The kitchen was in the basement, which wouldn't have been so bad if there was any way to get to the basement without leaving the house. Also there was woodworm, the windows weren't double-glazed, all the doors were five feet tall and there was a magical one-way system preventing easy road access. And anyway, gays aren't welcome in the magical wood.


Aug. 1st, 2007 10:49 am
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To summarise:

Saw Harry Potter 5: V good. Have not read book so do not know of any glaring omissions, but the film itself functions perfectly internally and does not leave any obvious holes. Also the militant music had me tapping the sound of drums a lot.

Have also watched Pan's Labyrinth. It is fucked up. I like it. Remain confused as to why Pan is mentioned in the translated title (the literal translation being The Faun's Labyrinth which makes more sense since the faun is not named as Pan at any point).

Have decided to move in with [ profile] bacony and [ profile] the_prince. Commute will now involve no motorway. Would 14 miles be too far to bike?

Apparently there is only one Cordova Avenue in all of Britain, fancy.

[ profile] stsquad has a PS3. It is awesome. Am tempted to buy one for new place (though XBox 360 is a close runner also). Am also tempted to buy flat HDTV for new room. Will have to do something with old TV. Wonder if it is bigger than K&V's.

Have become Bridget Jones apparently.
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I am currently trying to decide whether to move into [ profile] bacony's spare room or remain chez [ profile] stsquad. It is a tricky decision.

To this end I spent the night at Katy's place, in order to check out the commute. My findings suggest that though the drive is perhaps technically more direct, it does go through Stockport and the traffic in Stockport in the morning does not move above 10mph. (Luckily I set off half an hour earlier than usual, so was only five minutes late for work.) However, I think I could speed things up by driving past Stockport on the M60 and proceeding down the A34 as usual.

Here is a summary of the pros of each:

Katy Alex
House is finished Gigant-o-vision
Lower rent Commute does not go through Stockport
Meals thrown in Does not require effort of moving
Quieter road Superfast broadband[1]
Cheap, regular, punctual buses Trams run late into the night
Katy Alex

Thus my dilemma. I'm not sure on the relative dimensions of the rooms - Katy's is wider than Alex's but not so long, but I think I'd have a little more effective space (if only because there's a chunk of dead space in my room at Alex's filled with stuff I've been meaning to throw out for a while now).

I'm leaning towards the move, but remain very much torn.

[1] Also IMAP access to Alex's email server, which is unavailable from outside the house network - it's Webmail or nothing.

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