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Okay so

Last night I was late to bed due to twatting about with my new hard disk. When I slept it was, perchance, to dream.

I remember being at my Mum's house and waking up to find she and Ant had left for the day; when I got into my car I found a big list of things to fetch and do, and when and where they would like to be picked up.

It's probably not relevant but the list was written on corrugated cardboard.

Setting off down the road I realised that - since I had not been expecting to go out that day - I had not locked the door. I reflected that it probably wasn't important as Ilkley is a quiet town and not prone to walk-in burglars.

Then some other things happened which I don't recall.

The next think I remember is returning home (with Ant) to find the door open; many items of my mother's were missing. The TV; the PC monitor; randomly, the table and some of the chairs from the breakfast room. Though not the first time I looked. Only the second. (It hadn't "vanished" as such. I just hadn't "noticed" they were missing on first look.)

It was quite disturbing; it was mid-afternoon, the sun was shining, nothing had been broken or disturbed. Otherwise it was a quite pleasant afternoon with no signs of distress. Things were simply missing.

And then I woke up, in a bit of a panic. Luckily Ant was real, so I calmed down.

I think I am going to try and remember to lock the flat door at night in future. It's clearly been worrying me.
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A wise dolphin once said that the longer one goes without sleep, the more vivid and accurate one's dreams become. I don't know about accurate, but I got to bed last night and I had a corker of a vivid one.

Doctor Who and the Phantom Stranger on a mission to save light entertainment.

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Armchair psychoanalysis welcome.

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Okay, first I had a pretty awesome dream about Scooby-Doo.

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And then I woke up.

It did get me thinking about an interesting format for a Doctor Who episode (or feature-length special) - something through the eyes of a normal, involved character. Not "Doctor-lite" to the extent of Blink or Love And Monsters, but rather following one character exclusively as the Doctor impacts on his/her life in a very real and present way. (Q.V. "Dead Romance" - though as a spin-off novel it doesn't directly feature the Doctor anyway, it's still seen through the eyes of the affected character rather than the protagonist.) It might make for an refreshing change ... or maybe it would just come over as self-insertion fanfic.

EDITED TO ADD: Just realised that the Scooby Doo trip to the hospital may well have been at least in part inspired by [ profile] nattydreadi's recent escapades. Possibly.
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I don't remember a lot about last night's dreams. I think Nook was there, and [ profile] myki, and quite possibly we were at some point in Saltaire.

What I do remember distinctly is that for almost the entire dream I was late for work. Five or six times I woke up, convinced that it was halfway through the day and why hadn't I let them know I'd be late or at least called in sick yet.

Also, almost every time I woke up I slammed my arm into the underside of the shelf next to my bed.
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Two things I remember from last night's dreams:

1) For some reason LJ had decided to reparse some of this post. I don't reamember much about that part, but I distinctly recall that "I love it when a plan comes together" had been separated out into its own sentence. I did write it very late at night.

2) I was driving in my car and pulling onto a motorway, when the traffic all slowed to a crawl. Investigation revealed that a car transporter had been involved in an accident and shed its load - there were broken cars everywhere. (Despite this when I actually saw the car transporter it was fully loaded with cars, because, you know, that's what a car transporter looks like.) Then I had to keep stopping because there were people in the road, wrapped in blankets and walking slowly away from the crash. I decided that, me being alone in my car and these people having to walk, it was only sensible to offer people lifts; after filling my car I spotted my younger sister out in the road looking quite annoyed. I obviously had to throw somebody out of the car to let her in, but who? That's when I woke up.

Chalk that latter one down to watching most of the pilot to Battlestar Galactica (notably the scene where Boomer and Helo agree to take survivors off-world in their tiny ship), followed by a long drive home to see my Mum and sister.
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Crazy dream last night, product of a late night playing Warcraft and looking up stuff about Digimon Frontier.

The part I recall is, I was fixing the last Buzzbox, and when it was fixed it said something - in an audio stylee, not a text popup like I was used to.  Something about not being who it was expecting, but it would give me the prize anyway.  It started swinging like the sign on a US level crossing, and these train tracks appeared.  Apparently it was the end of the series so it was time to go back to the real world, which made me sad, but I had to go along with it.

Things get a little strange after that (echoes of Grim Fandango), but for some reason I recall finding myself in Victorian London, only it wasn't the real Victorian London, it was the Victorian London part of a Muppets theme park (at this point it seemed the theme park was the thing I'd had to leave, only I hadn't left it at all).  I was trying to find myself a nice tweed hat when I woke up.

That is all.
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Dreams last night: I have a disconnected image of, for some reason, a list of songs including "Mr E's Beautiful Blues" by Eels.  I think it was in the context of a pirated CD owned by my Mum.  Which is odd in and of itself.  More clearly, though, I remember a huge sequence involving two rival schools of clowns, of all things, presented partly in live-action and partly in the form of comic-book panels bearing the distinctive style of artist Tom Grummett.  I have a distinct picture of youths in grey T-shirts, with heads painted white and hair shaved down to stubble (including the girls), arguing very earnestly about something.  Possibly there was a Romeo/Juliet thing going down.  It did at one point veer into LRP territory, in that I myself took the role of one of the white-headed goons, staggering through a forest for some reason.  There were discernible shades of Harry Potter.

In other news, having discovered a previously-forgotten National Savings account, I have splashed out on the World of Warcraft that everybody's so excited about (Baa).  I very much imagine that I will be playing a Night Elf, and also a Troll at some point.

UPDATE: Works quite nicely, though there seem to be some issues involving the patchy wireless connection. It held quite nicely for a couple of hours though.
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Strange dream last night.  All I remember specifically is that at one point I was looking at tube-based pre-constructed bandannas in a shop.  I can trace this back to yesterday, when I went shopping, and later when I decided to pack my tube-based pre-constructed bandanna to bring to Manchester.  (Not that I ever wear it, really, it was just a spur of the moment thing.)

Usually when I can trace dreams back specifically like that - like Thursday, the details of which are again lost to me but I'm reasonably sure had strong images from the Anime RPG I'm trying to plot out in my head - it means I'm not getting enough sleep.  I suspect this may be the case...

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