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My thoughts on Mr David Tennant's final trip in the TARDIS can be found on Twitter (#theEndOfTime, in case I can be bothered working out how to link to a single Twitter account's hashtag stream). Fundamentally: Decent, but massively self-indulgent at the end. The last 20 minutes literally does nothing but celebrate RTD's tenure as script editor.

And what happened to that plot about the Ood developing too quickly? Where did that go?

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Jan. 1st, 2010 01:55 pm
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Anyone fancy coming around for tea and biscuits and Doctor Who?

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The Internet rumour mill is a terrible thing. I can't remember exactly where I read that the BBC were planning an '11 Doctors' special for Children in Need, but at the time I took it as a reliable, factual report. Only now that I look around for more news do I realise the original report came from the Daily Mirror, leading me to believe the report may be somewhat less reliable than previously believed.

Of course it's entirely possible that I originally read it somewhere more reputable; the Telegraph, for example, has apparently begun reporting other people's stories as news without actually doing any independent research or corroboration. See for example "CLAIRE BLOOM TO STAR AS MOTHER OF DOCTOR WHO says the Daily Mail though we can't verify it" and "GILLIAN ANDERSON CAST AS THE RANI according to the Daily Express but that's all we know".

Telegraph, you fail at news.
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Thanks to the fabulous [ profile] ed_fortune, I was finally able to watch 2006's Doctor Who concert in its entirety; during the course of which I was accused of geekery.

In the midst of the performance of Rose's theme - I was distractedly cartooning and humming along to the music - I realised that they had pulled a fast one. "That is not Rose," said I, "That is The Impossible Planet." (Not, of course, the bit with the cello that thinks it's a viola; the later part that is more strings-based and does, in fairness, contain elements of Rose's theme.)

It was at this point that the accusation was made.

Panic Over

Dec. 30th, 2007 12:38 pm
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The Ma-ster sting in Donna's theme is indeed present when it plays in The Runaway Bride; it strikes when they flash back to Donna proposing to Lance. I suspect it appeared here first, as a simple counterpoint to the chirpy main theme, and Gold built on the sinister undertones later (consciously or otherwise) to create the Master's theme. Potentially the staccato triplets are even what inspired RTD's Sound of Drums.

Yes, I did watch the Runaway Bride specifically to determine this. And while I did it, I built a model Tardis console room. This took a little longer than the episode itself, plus all the special features and "Blink" with the commentary, which is why I was awake at half past five this morning.


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So, on listening intently to the Doctor Who Season 3 soundtrack I spotted something very disturbing.

CUT for wild speculation )

Naturally, Doctor Who fandom being what it is, I'm sure I'm not the first...

EDITED TO ADD: In tangentially related news, here is The Mill's Showreel as of Season 3, which I thought was quite nice. CONTAINS SQUID.


Dec. 17th, 2007 10:29 am
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I has Doctor Who season 3 soundtrack.

Dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun!

Also: check out them clarinets

or oboes or whatever
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Passing through Leeds station on Saturday after a delightful dinner-and-a-movie with [ profile] diegoliger, the following headline caught my eye on the Sky News laser display board:

Third Doctor Charged Over Terror Plot

I had to forcibly remove images of Jon Pertwee from my brain.
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Ooh, am pleased to see Tachyon TV is sort-of back in operation, if you consider "two issues after a 2-year gap, then nothing for three months" to be "back in operation". Still, the most recent missive (April, apparently) remains on form. I would totally watch Totally Doctor Who Confidential Declassified.

Readers may detect a hint of Doctor Who obsession in the writers; though this is hardly surprising as their communal blog these days appears to be dedicated to the show. In fact they've even done up a series of podcast episode commentaries. Might be good for a laugh, I don't know. Maybe I'll give it a go with the, er, fully legitimate series of BBC DVDs that [ profile] ed_fortune gave me for Christmas.
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Opinions are funny things, aren't they?

I am of the opinion that Human Nature/Family of Blood was some of the finest Who to emerge in recent years (surpassed only by every episode written by Steven Moffatt). A respected friend and avid Who fan of my acquaintance[1], however, is of the opinion that, well, basically and fundamentally, it wasn't a Doctor Who story and if he wanted to watch a period romance between a schoolteacher and compassionately proper school matron, well, that's what he would have done.

(I eagerly await his views on Blink, which has a similar amount of Doctor in it, though vastly less Tennant.)

(Did I mention that I thought Joan was the role for whom Jessica Stephenson was invented? She fit her like a glove, really she did.)

By the same token, I've no doubt that many corners of Who fandom will take issue with this week's Utopia, though it is in essence a story one-third told. Cut for spoilers )

Also this weekend, I went to see the new Fantastic Four movie. I was of the opinion that it was a great improvement on the first, a perfectly presentable action adventure movie with more than a little tongue in cheek. The script was reasonably tight, the effects were solid and convincing and Minor spoilers ) In my opinion it was a well-balanced blend of the source material and the necessary big-screen updates (though Johnny's topless scene was gratuitous and unnecessary and far too brief) - all the best parts of the earlier movie with none of the wretched science (unless you count talk of "cosmic rays" as physics) Slightly larger spoilers )

Many of those with whom I saw it, however, were of the opinion that the film held no redeeming features at all. Which is odd, since in the past we have broadly agreed on the relative merits of various motion pictures. Certainly we universally agreed on the utter, utter hideous abomination that is the new entryway to The Orient at the Trafford Centre - a mockery of taste in brown marble and faux gold and what must surely be the most gross offence to the word "staircase" since records began. Mammon must be pleased indeed.

It is the conclusion of this rambling editorial that It Just Goes To Show.

ASIDE: For more on what I did at the weekend, see here.

[1] Redundant? If he's my friend, of course he's of my acquaintance.
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1) Maelstrom

I went, and had fun. I did spend some time on the Saturday sitting around looking for shade with nothing much else to do, but this is my fault for generating complacent characters with few responsibilities or goals[1]. In retaliation I (finally) generated my secondary character, John Frankley, butler to [ profile] vervain_'s character. Built-in interaction and things to do, huzzah! The weekend was dampened by losing several old familiar characters to villainous machinations, but at least one of them came back to life, so that's not so bad then.

OH, another low point of the weekend was all the athletic young men walking around with their tightly-muscled torsos hanging out. It made me want one.

2) Doctor Who

Made it home in time to catch the BBC3 repeat. Best episode evar.

This episode received a 5.5 on the Fear Factor scale of 1-5 (as judged by a panel of four 6-14-year-olds). Spoilars ) Anyway, I just thought that was worth mentioning. It's a cracking episode, and if you haven't already seen it you should move heaven and earth to make it so.

That is all.

[1] Well, not entirely my fault. I somehow managed to miss all the major fights that went down due to being elsewhere.
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Amazorn has chosen to bring a number of Doctor Who items to my attention today.

First is the perhaps inevitable Void Vision Activity Book, which one can only assume involves 3-D Glasses as sported by the Doctor in the season 2 finale Doomsday.

Somewhat more bemusing is the Time Lord In Training book, the synopsis to which proclaims that you too can "Press out the card pieces to make your very own extendable sonic screwdriver and psychic paper."

Yes ... with the aid of this publication, you too can create your own blank piece of paper.

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Oh, a few quick notes re this week's Doctor Who ...

Read more... )
Still, it was all good fun and I quite liked the musical number. Loved those wings...

[1] Or "Using human cellular matter and protein chains as raw material from which to grow new Daleks"
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I decided it was time to update the picture on my phone from 9Doc to 10Doc[1] and, since the selection of actual mobile wallpapers on the BBC site is woefully inadequate, I decided to make some of my own. Presented below for your amusement.

Read more... )

[1] The picture reverted to 9Doc soon after Phil and I broke up. Much though I enjoy looking at his smiling face, I figured it would probably be obsessive and creepy to leave it there.
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A couple of clips from this week's Doctor Who (AVOID if you dislike spoilers):

First contact

Saucer of milk, table six
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Just a quick one. Fun fun weekend.

Friday I was ill enough to be off work, and took the opportunity to travel down earlier than planned to Cambridge to hang out with [ profile] vervain_. After a fun evening we headed down to Colchester for fun and games with everybody there. Met loads of people from NWO, played D&D, got savaged by the world's cutest devil dog, watched Doctor Who (so cool), watched Pirates of the Caribbean (also cool), spent what felt like about 27 hours driving. [ profile] vervain_ loves me for my car.

Somehow I thought it would be a good idea to leave a bag full of stuff at [ profile] vervain_'s house, so I'm currently without PDA charger. Boo.
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Today I have mostly helped [ profile] anne_l_davies move a crapload of her stuff over to her new house. It is a lovely house, somewhat reminiscent of a dollshouse in that it is wider than it is deep, most of the rooms go the length of the house and the staircase is in the middle. If it was detached and in the middle of a field it would quite possibly be a dream house. Apart from all the filth. But that aside, it's lovely.

My plan for the day was to maybe do a little shopping and then proceed to the Paggawake in town; this was not to be as I was awoken at 11am[1] and told that my muscle was required.

Yes, dear reader, at this I laughed sharply also.

Anyway, we were still lifting heavy objects an hour and a half after Paggawake began, at which point we proceeded home for Doctor Who, and after watching that and the DW Confidential followup programme I rang [ profile] kardrath to find that Paggawake was now dispersing. Apparently they had all been waiting for me and could no longer stand to be in the same room without my august presence. This last is conjecture.

So it's 11pm on a Saturday and I find myself alone at home (Anne and [ profile] paulgregory having gone to buy a bed for the house, take the bed to the house and sleep in the bed in the house). I am considering getting the tram up to [ profile] zheers' house for the Rocky Horror afterparty at midnight.

(I do not do Rocky Horror on the principle that it is boil-in-the-bag perversion for sexually repressed accountants and first-year drama students with too many posters of Betty Blue, The Blues Brothers, Big Blue and Blue Velvet on their blue bloody walls, which is a quote that I am determined to memorise.)

ps, Doctor Who was nicely made and well-acted, but a bit cheesy and certain of the plot points felt a bit like fanfic. The trouble with having a near-Doctorless Doctor Who story is that popping in at the end really isn't the way he works ... striding up and down in front of the TARDIS feels a bit weak and, at the same time, cliche. Nice idea, shame about the execution. Still, much of the rest of the episode was excellent (I particularly liked the opening sequence), and in some respects the main chracter's "self-insert" tendencies could easily be because it is, after all, his own retelling of events after the fact. Naturally you'd make yourself the hero...

[1] Actually I was already awake but lying in bed like a sloth. Though, that said, I could not say for certain that sloths have beds.

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