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To start the week: A dash of culture, courtesy of Monkey Review.
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So tonight we are off to see 2ManyDJs, AKA Soulwax.

Though they don't appear to play much of their own stuff when they're DJing, I still feel it's worth bringing some Soulwax proper to people's attention, because it's good shit. With that in mind, Much Against Everyone's Advice and Too Many DJ's. Huzzah!
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Couple of shots snapped over the weekend, which got forgotten until now what with one thing and another.

One of these is of special interest, perhaps, to NWO players.

A very wise man )
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Quick entry.

Weekend was great; went to London and got cultured with the Phil. We visited the Tate Britain and then roamed London largely at random, wandering past Westminster Palace (BTW, they've done a marvellous job of reconstructing Big Ben after the recent incident) and Forbidden Planet. Enjoyed much conversation in cafes, parks and ice-cream shops.

I need more practice at sleeping in beds with other people[1]; at the moment I just lie there, wide awake. It's like the night before Christmas. Luckily I was on the train so exhaustion wasn't an issue, but Saturday was slightly better than Friday anyway - I was slightly less conscious of being awake so I think I was probably drifting in and out. Still, could do better.

Message ends.

[1] This is not an offer.
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Friday: Went to Yorkshire to celebrate sister's birth, also mother's day (early). Saturday: Lunched at The Far Syde, where we learned that harder is better (when it comes to hand dryers).

Returned to Manchester that evening for Jerry Springer: The Opera.

I can easily see how some Christians would be offended by it. Review for blasphemy! ) Overall, though, a reasonably solid work of comedy.

In other news, in case you missed it: I am officially on the market. That is all.

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