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Yeah, just to keep people informed, Sal and I are officially on a break. Of some sort.

I shan't go into detail; quite aside from anything else, as may be determined from the above paragraph, there's a certain amount of indeterminacy involved, which will remain until we have a proper face-to-face discussion on the subject (next weekend).

That is all
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I seem to have acquired another boyfriend. He's already met many of my friends - quite apart from the outing to Ara with [ profile] zheers et al on Friday and [ profile] richc's party on Saturday, it is also apparent that he is on first-name terms with approximately half the polulation of the planet. Thus, many of my friends did not even require introductions.

Still, for those of you who were not there or to whom it was not apparent[1], I introduce the lovely Salvador aka [ profile] vervain_.

[1] Somehow.
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A month on, and I still think about Phil. A lot.

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Well, no, it turns out it takes surprisingly little effort.

Single again )
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Quick entry.

Weekend was great; went to London and got cultured with the Phil. We visited the Tate Britain and then roamed London largely at random, wandering past Westminster Palace (BTW, they've done a marvellous job of reconstructing Big Ben after the recent incident) and Forbidden Planet. Enjoyed much conversation in cafes, parks and ice-cream shops.

I need more practice at sleeping in beds with other people[1]; at the moment I just lie there, wide awake. It's like the night before Christmas. Luckily I was on the train so exhaustion wasn't an issue, but Saturday was slightly better than Friday anyway - I was slightly less conscious of being awake so I think I was probably drifting in and out. Still, could do better.

Message ends.

[1] This is not an offer.
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Phil currently has a throat-based viral infection, that looks like tonsilitis but is not, and is apparently contagious. He has been advised to stay away from people as much as possible for the next two weeks.

The next two weeks are my two free weeks, before the next two not-free weeks.

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A good weekend.

Friday and Saturday were occupied mostly with Maelstrom, which was fun, as far as it went.  The Kamakuran game is an odd fish at the moment.

Sunday was the Date, which is of course the first thing most people are asking about at the moment.  Read more... ) In summary, relationship has been upgraded from Internet to Long Distance, and I am quite happy.

Oh, and yes, he is most definitely the same young gentleman as in the picture.  I checked.  Quite thoroughly.

In other news: [ profile] ed_fortune found this interesting and informative guide to the world of re-enactment.
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So, the plans for the weekend slowly slide into place[1].

The lovely Phil (I am resisting the urge to label him The Boy) will be in Manchester on Sunday, and not before Sunday. This means I no longer feel at all conflicted about going to Maelstrom, though I will be leaving late Saturday night. No doubt my absence will cause widespread panic and the collapse of civilisation as we know it. Hee hee hee.

Annoyingly he has to be back in London that evening, so I only get him for the daylight hours. This is apparently open to some small upwards revision.

Wish me luck.

[1] F'nerk.
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Where's a good restaurant in Manchester for a first date?

EDIT: I've come to a decision, but do keep suggesting. They will no doubt be useful in the future.
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I am officially an internet boyfriend.

It's a new experience, and franky, I like it.
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This has been such a long week.

You know when you connect with somebody, and time suddenly telescopes out? How the memory of every moment of contact crystalises and pushes everything else into the middle distance, how life just seems to crawl along when they're not there? You can't get them out of your mind and you spend every moment looking forward to that next shining point of interaction? The Before Time seems like a distant memory of another world?


Oh, shit.
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Because [ profile] _uncle_john_ asked:

That's all well and good, but what sort of a chap is he? What does he do for a living? What church do his parents go to? Is he, in short, one of us?

In order: /

As to the last one ... I think he'll fit in marvellously.
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Briefly grilled last night regarding the subject of previous post. [ profile] anne_l_davies used her ssoooooo kyooooot face. Note to self: INTERNET.

Unrelated: V in XV minutes
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I've never been a believer in the long-distance relationship. I mean, I know they exist, and I'm sure that people get a lot out of them, but personally I've never seen the appeal. Commuting across the country, shuffling your life so you can snatch a few scant moments with your honey, then driving home again. Somehow this is referred to as "going out with". It seems to me an exercise in futility, and one which will inevitably end badly, with one party or the other on the short end of the commute, or simply growing apart. The Sims, after all, teach us that relationships need to be constantly reinforced by social contact.

That said, today I find myself driven to distraction by an unreasoningly strong urge to reevaluate my position on the matter.

Damn his eyes
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Friday: Went to Yorkshire to celebrate sister's birth, also mother's day (early). Saturday: Lunched at The Far Syde, where we learned that harder is better (when it comes to hand dryers).

Returned to Manchester that evening for Jerry Springer: The Opera.

I can easily see how some Christians would be offended by it. Review for blasphemy! ) Overall, though, a reasonably solid work of comedy.

In other news, in case you missed it: I am officially on the market. That is all.
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I am experiencing a growing interest in the notion of perhaps one day being not single.

It is not something I have dwelt upon overmuch in the past. I am somewhat self-reliant - indeed, to the point where I fail to contact dear friends for years at a time, confident that we can pick up where we left off (which is also something I've been meaning to write about, but I digress) - and so do not feel defined by my partner or lack thereof. Even so, I am approaching the point where being in a "re-la-tion-ship" is something I would like to try at some point before I die.

So if you're interested in maybe getting closer to an amiable chap of passable appearance and above-average height who advertises himself on livejournal and occasionally feels the need to hide behind sentences of overly-elaborate construction, get in touch or post a comment below. They'll be screened, so don't be shy.

Our operators are waiting for your call!

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