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Here is the Green Lantern Movie logo:

And here is the Green Lantern movie blu-ray box cover:

What the hell kind of branding is this? Plain font? Bank Gothic? Bank motherufkcing Gothic?

It's one thing to use a plain font in your logo, but to abandon your logo in favour of plain font text is just nonsense.
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I've realised that LiveJournal has one massive advantage over Facebook, Twitter and G+: The archive calendar system. As it's designed as a long-term journal, it's geared towards being able to browse back through old entries and see what you were doing on a particular day in history. For example, today in 2005 I was ... well, I was doing a lot of what I do today on Facebook, Twitter and G+. But there have been occasions when it has been useful to look up, say, the day I began working with my current employer, or what date I vacated an old flat, or what-have-you.

Anyway, in other news, I've had to review my comics standing order.

For those of you not all up ons the goings-on of the comic book industry, DC Comics have decided to start over this month with a clean slate - well, sort of. Yes, everyone's got new costumes with extra lines, Superman was officially the first public superhero, he never married Lois, loads of stories have been hewn away from the collective persistent universe ... but at the same time Batman is basically unchanged, down to having had at least three different Robins in what is officially a ten-year span of in-character time. Teen Titans appear to be all-new all-overhauled ... but the Green Lantern Corps seem to be emerging more or less unscathed.

To be honest I'm not really keeping up with all the leaks and articles about the new universe because life's too short and I'd rather read the damn things. My point is, they're cancelling all their ongoing titles and launching 52 new ones, all starting with #1. So, as mentioned above, I've had to go through the list and think carefully about which ones I want, and which ones I am basically uninterested in. It was tricky; some were no-brainers based on creators or characters (yes, even though for the most part they're sort-of not the same characters as before, I remain loyal to the base concept), or both. I ended up with a list of 10 that I really wanted and 2 that I was interested in but couldn't really justify the expense. As luck would have it my faithful comic-book store, Travelling Man, happen to be running a DC-Nu promotion whereby when you buy 5 titles they give you a 6th for free, so I can get my two "also-rans" for no charge (until December, apparently, by which point I should be able to decide whether or not they are worth sticking with).

Here's my new pull list, see if you can guess which ones are the also-rans. I may go into a breakdown of which ones were taken for which reasons at some point...

Justice League
The Fury of Firestorm
Justice League International
Mister Terrific
Green Lantern
Green Lantern: The New Guardians
Resurrection Man
Legion Lost
Legion of Super-Heroes
Teen Titans
Blue Beetle
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5 months of comics arrived at the weekend, so I am catching up on my Blackest Night (not to be confused with Final Night, from off of the 90's).

It is genuinely creepy and disturbing at points, and Geoff Johns' writing is pretty much above and beyond the very high standard I've come to expect from him - not just as a piece in itself but as a tapestry of interlocking sequential fiction. The core "EVENT" series seems to stand by itself, even though key events and developments appear to take place in the main Green Lantern (and the supporting tie-in spin-offs) - those events are summarised and expanded on at various points, the two series enriching and informing each other while not at any point becoming either dependent or redundant. There is, I will allow, the occasional moment where you think "Hmm, that sequence lifts right out" - for example, the issue of GL covering a fight scene which begins in BN and isn't resolved until the next BN - but even then the rich detail of the art and environs makes you glad you read it anyway. To continue the example above, during the fight the Bat-Signal is seen shining in the sky in the background; at the start of the following BN issue Hal crashes into said Signal. You don't need to see the fight (you're brought very quickly up to speed on who's involved and how badly it's going) but it interlocks so nicely that it's very satisfying.

I've always liked the way Johns takes disparate elements of history and weaves them together into a whole that seems not only plausible but natural - almost logically inescapable - and yet I'm still kind of wary of what he's doing with the Hawks (Hawkman and Hawkgirl, not Hawk and Hawk and Dove). I am pleased that I did see the secret of the Violet Power Battery coming, but I'm not sure if that means I'm getting better at spotting his curve balls or if he's just moving from "obvious in hindsight" to just plain "obvious". Maybe you just have to know that Johns has a massive hardon for the Hawks. Whatever the case, it's starting to feel like a slightly smaller universe when everything ties together.

The big disappointment, though, is the number of people who are dying. It's starting to be Johns' calling card at the moment - the massacre of second-string and/or obscure characters - and it is rather contradictory given his obvious love for the material. I know the series is supposed to be about death - it's about making death in comics serious again, and perhaps to some degree permament, though Lord knows the sheer number of dead characters that were already available to form a Black Lantern Corps puts the lie to the notion that death never sticks in comics. And yes, some of the murders - in contrast to the offhand backhand from Superboy Prime that saw to a few old favourites - are spectaculary executed (har) to the greatest emotional impact. It's a horror story, and as horror goes, the notion of watching helplessly as your dead hero uses science pillaged from your own mind to kill your one true love is pretty much up there. But still, I have always of the opinion that you shouldn't kill a character until they are more useful (narratively) dead than alive, and if your characters get to that point then you have failed. Alive is always more interesting. (And anyway, why did it have to be the girlfriend?)
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Yesterday I finally received a copy of Final Crisis #7 (of 7).

It was ... sort of good, but fractured.

In full )

Anyway, that is what I think. Sorry if it's a bit rushed and confused, but one does one's best to emulate one's source material...
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Is it a good sign that I'm making the same jokes as Grant Morrison made twenty years ago?

I'm pretty damn certain I've never seen that before.
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Oh hey, here's that awesome comic I mentioned to [ profile] diegoliger as I was rummaging through my old boxes filing system.

Thank you, internet!

Bad data

Aug. 16th, 2007 12:24 am
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Dinah Lance, the Black Canary, has been around for a while - in fact according to Wikipedia she's sixty years old this month. During that time she's grown into a major player in the DC Universe, serving on several different incarnations of their Justice Leagues and Societies, not to mention a decade-long stint on Birds of Prey, which for the longest time was basically a two-girl show, with Dinah playing field agent for Barbara Gordon (the ex-Batgirl). The series was popular enough to spawn a short-lived TV series. It's not unthinkable that people may be aware of her existence.

Why, then, do issues of her current miniseries bear the slogan 'From the pages of Green Arrow!'?
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Who was it I mentioned Battle Pope to?

Well, whoever it was: Battle Pope.

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A scan of perhaps niche significance.

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Jesus Vs Vampires: Right now what Jesus would do is go KILL SOME SUCKERS.
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Where Did They Go? )
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All of you aspiring writers can just give up now. This is the finest work of genius that has ever been committed to paper.

The human race has peaked. It is all downhill from here.

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Just read Infinite Crisis #3.


I should probably go on the record saying that I think DC did a shockingly poor job of promoting the various Countdown to Infinite Crisis miniseries.  The first I actually heard of them was the little notes on the cover saying "OMAC Project Tie-In!" or what-have-you.  Long, rambling post, some spoilers. )

Personally I'm praying that they're not going to kill off The Ray, who was one of the first American comics I ever collected and thus is somewhat special to me.  (Also is fun to draw.)  I'm not sure of his chances, though, since they seem to be using the opportunity to kill off a host of minor characters.

Still, fingers crossed.
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Heh ... cool.

Scripting: Patchy.  Art: Variable (several different artists).  Vastly inferior to the second issue.  Still, perhaps of interest to viewers of Lost.


Oct. 28th, 2005 10:13 am
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Oh, so what, House of M is an actual crossover event thing?  From the name I thought it was just a themed sketchbook or an Ultimates-type line.  I do remember Marvel calling themselves "The House of Ideas" in the past, and, you know, "M"... I assumed "Marvel".  I guess it comes from the same place as "Asteroid M".  But where's the house...?

It's a shitty name.  But it does look like a vaguely funky storyline, if you like your alternate-reality Age-Of-Apocalypse Oh-Look-One-Guy-Remembers-How-Convenient plots.
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Damnammin, the comic boys seem to have missed a week. None too bothered about JLA, but I was hankering for that Teen Titans resolution. Oh well.

Before we begin - Major spoilers.

Here we go:

Hey kids! Comics! )
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Read [ profile] batelf's copy of IDENTITY CRISIS #4 yesterday, so I'll slip in my oponions of this before your regularly scheduled monthly reviews.  Because it's important, dammit.

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Comics arrived! Yay! I readen them.

SOME SPOILERS. Especially regarding dead women and kitchen appliances.

In order of reading: )

[ profile] pax_draconis - Features non-euclidean tentacle beasts. Though may not actually appear as anything other than a work of fiction or possibly a flashback, and probably aren't central to the plot. Still. Squiddies.

And that's all I have to say on the matter. More next month, probably.


Jul. 3rd, 2004 11:56 pm
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Hmm. Travelling Man, it would seem, have taken to sending my standing order out and charging my bank account automatically - they used to ring every three months or so and go through the contents of the order, checking they'd got everything and hadn't added unwanteds. This does not best please me, since sometimes they are wont to throw in things they think I may be interested in - the latest JLA miniseries, for example. Oftentimes I will not, in fact, be interested. This is the first month they've done it without ringing (I just checked my bank account online), and I'll have to see what they've actually sent before I call them about it.

I'm sort of hoping they've thought to include the current JLA mini, Identity Crisis ).

I just hope they don't send me something crap, it'll be difficult to take it back for a refund (logistically - they say they're fine with it but I'm never in Leeds these days). And I don't want to tell them "never send me anything new", because I'd have to remember to let them know when I do want something added. Maybe they'll send a return of post envelope. Well, we'll see when I pick up my post on Monday...

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