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I feel I should mention for my BESM players that this is the direct inspiration for a damaged hyperdrive leaking geometry.



Sep. 13th, 2007 10:47 pm
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Oh, last night I ran my first BESM session! (Not ever - I did another game a few years back. I don't like to guess when, I think [ profile] icklejo and [ profile] arwel were living in Didsbury at the time.)

I think it went quite well - people were having fun, decapitating guards and breaking vaults - though I need to have more of a look at the rules. This week was mostly intended as an introduction, so was very fast and loose, but I'm not completely comfortable yet and things did grind to a halt once or twice.

I also think I'm not great at pacing - I'll decide where things are going, and rather than prevaricate and throw obstacles or complications into the mix, it'll just happen. Which makes for speedier plot progression but also makes things seem simplistic. I tried to pad things a little early on, but I think it just came off as a bit 'yeah sure whatever' because I'm rubbish.

Also was vaguely concerned about party balance. Sean, the hacker with a Mind as high as it goes with skill points on top, was basically able to do anything to any electronic object without trying. Meanwhile Nev, as the medic, didn't really have much to do. Also she was very breakable (though I am going to allow some rejigging of stats to reflect the new understanding of the rules).

Still, Russ's neatly typed background dovetails neatly into my plot, and I may think about rewarding backgrounds with character points or something. Once I've worked out what my advancement process is going to be...
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I am slightly tired today; as I was about to go to bed I was struck with a sudden notion that I did not know the exact location of my car registration document, and it might be as well to lay my hands on them before the eleventh hour of Thursday, just to reassure myself. A cursory look in the places I was certain it would be was followed by a somewhat more urgent review of some spots that were less likely. Then I ransacked every box that is being used as storage since the move, at least twice, all the while occasionally checking and re-checking the original important-things-live-here spots, in case it had spontaneously come into being in the intervening time.

By this point I was fired with adrenaline and panic, such that I knew I would not be able to sleep until I had the offending article in hand. Several boxes were double-checked and previously-overlooked piles of drawings were more thoroughly sorted through in case paperwork had worked its way inside in a deliberate attempt to frustrate me.

I even went out and checked the car, half-hoping that I was stupid enough to leave the car ownership papers inside the car itself, and half-relieved when it turned out I was not. (I did, however, uncover the MOT and was entirely delighted to find a whole month left on it.)

To cut a long story short[1], eventually I turned to the top of my bedside cabinet (whose drawers had been checked several times), and moved a solitary piece of paper aside. Lo! There was the damn' thing, taunting me with its easy-accessibility.

Obviously, even then I couldn't get right to sleep, what with the panic. So, basically, I'm ever so slightly sleep deprived.

I am running my first session of Big Eyes, Small Mouth tonight.


[1] Too late
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You know what, I probably should have directed my players here rather than waving the rulebook at them last Wednesday evening. Oh well! Fun was had regardless.

Oh, yes, Maelstrom was good, [ profile] diegoliger seems to have caught the bug, [ profile] the_prince accidentally brutally sacrificed himself in the back while shaving, and [ profile] kneeshooter got plenty of material for his Andy Shrine, so all is as it should be.

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