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Spoilers for the last episode of Being Human ahoy.

I begin by saying that I loved it; emotionally and dramatically it was very powerful, and though I would have liked Cutler to have had more of an impact it was appropriate for a character so obsessed with making history to have no legacy whatsover. And it's fine that it was fairly obvious that Alex was going to replace Annie - "fairly obvious" is not "guaranteed", and they introduced her naturally and organically. And she's a good character. Even if it does mean all three main characters are now, essentially, blokes.

However, there are ... issues.

On a narrative level I would have liked at least part of the prophecy to have been misinterpreted. That parchment was so vague - "Godhead", "Death", "Arm", "Fire" - that it beggars belief they would have got it right. Expecially as the child didn't have to die. There was nothing special about her death that fixed everything, only the manner of it - an explosion in a room full of the most powerful active vampires on the planet. That's all.

The big one, though, is the bomb delivery mechanism. The moment - the moment - Tom said he didn't know how to build a remote trigger, I thought, "Well that's no problem! A ghost can just waltz in there and set it off, no bother. Or teleport it in. Job done!" And there is no reason in the world that they could not have done this. Annie can teleport an armchair. Alex can teleport a man-sized walking corpse. Either one of them could have taken a rucksack-sized bomb in and detonated the room at any time. Eve would never have been in danger for a moment.

That shouldn't detract from it, though. A very solid episode, creepy and driven and they even managed to squeeze in a bit of mundane chat amongst all the drama and posturing, too. Top marks.

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