Oct. 13th, 2010

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I'm trying to piece together a publication history of Rock Hardy adventures. An exact sequence is difficult to pin down, as most stories were serialised before being reissued in a collected "novella" format; the collections were far from exhaustive and often out of sequence with the original publication order. The stories are therefore presented in a (albeit incomplete) "best guess" chronological sequence, as events unfold from the characters' points of view.

A Narrow Escape
The Apes of Wrath
Secret of the Stone
Island of Death*
The Deadly Skies*
The Under-England Junta*
Death on Rails*
The Hawthorne Imperative
The Scrolls of Reason*
The Little Death
Journey into the East
Death in the East
Shadow of Past Evils*
Escape by Death
The Monkey's Tale
A Box Full of Death
Terror in the Skies*
Funeral for a Friend
All's Fair in Love and Death
Monkey See, Monkey Doom
Down among the Dead Men*
Death by Betrayal
Flight into Danger
The Lonely Death of Shiloh Jones

* Not by the original author, character used by permission.

Hardy also appeared in at least two more stories by other authors, The Brass Hand of Doctor Martell and Strange Truths, though these are impossible to reconcile with the timeline above. They may be considered "imaginary stories" or "reimaginings" of the character.

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